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But first, with RAGE’s new trailer unveiled, we thought we share some archived coverage for those of you catching up on the title. Above is a GameTrailers’ interview (featuring gameplay) from QuakeCon last year with creative director Tim Willits. For more of RAGE (and Tim), check out the videos embedded here.

Moving along, one of my favorite stories of the year so far is this one I spotted a week back on Kotaku. It’s about a Fallout fan named Gareth. Unlike most of us, Gareth can’t play games with his hands, but he’s put together a setup that allows him to play games using his chin. Watch a video of him playing New Vegas here… cool, inspiring stuff.

Staying in the Mojave, last month we blogged about an ambitious mod project for New Vegas called Project Nevada. Those interested in checking out the mod can download it now at New Vegas Nexus.

Check out more on New Vegas at these sites…

  • British Academy of Film and Television Arts (that’s BAFTA) has announced their GAME British Academy Video Games Awards’ nominees with New Vegas receiving nominations for Best Strategy Game and Best Story
  • Game Industry News has nominated the game for Best RPG
  • GamePro includes New Vegas (and Oblivion) in a feature on the 10 Best RPGs you should be playing

Skyrim news (and more) after the break…

In Skyrim news, be sure to read the following…

  • IGN looks at how BGS looks to outdo Oblivion
  • CVG is asking if Skyrim is their 2011 GOTY
  • Attack of the Fanboy shares their requests on what they’d like to see
  • Gamespot includes Skyrim in their Most Anticipated Games of 2001 list (joining RAGE)
  • RPG Land ranks TES V as their top RPG of 2011

In other news, Pete sent me this link to a feature by Scott Steinberg called Interactive Fiction: The Art of Video Game Storytelling. From the Bethesda side of things, the video includes Fallout 3 (starting at the 4:50 mark) and also includes words from Raphael Colantonio (President and Creative Director at Arkane).

In other news…

Taking a quick peek at print news, I had a chance to read OXM UK’s coverage on Skyrim this week. There’s plenty of great content in the issue, including an interview featuring game director Todd Howard, lead designer Bruce Nesmith, and lead artist Matt Carofano. In addition to the contents in the magazine, there’s also a tease for some Skryim coverage that will be hitting the interwebs soon — including a look back at the previous TES titles, a video interview, a podcast interview, and a special feature on design. Stay tuned for more details.

I also had a chance to check out the most recent issue of OXM here in the States. In BGS news, both the Pint-Sized Slasher and The Gray Cowl ranked in the Top 10 Disguises on Xbox 360. Learn other Halloween options by picking up a copy on newsstands now.

Thanks for reading. Until the next time…

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  2. Um.. guys hate to be this guy but Gamespot’s most anticipated games of 2011 not 2001.
    Sorry anyway saw the rage trailer yesterday and it’s a toss uo which to get first Rage or Hunted?

  3. Can I get an answer to this question?

    Whats going to happen to openGL and Skyrim, Rage, Doom 4. Is the Macintosh a secured developed platform? The PS3 and iPhone both run openGL. openStandardGL means you might want it on a lot more platforms.

    My main question is whether the term PC is synonymous to Mac.