New RAGE trailer unleashed

We’ve released a new trailer for RAGE, the highly anticipated shooter from id Software. The trailer features an original track, Burning Jacob’s Ladder, by singer Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age, Gutter Twins).

Enjoy the trailer, and stay tuned to Bethesda Blog and RAGE’s official site for more on the game.

And in case you missed them, after the break, check out some RAGE gameplay videos featuring creative director Tim Willits. The interviews and gameplay were captured at E3 last year.



Reader Comments

  1. Looks like what I expected Borderlands to be when it came out and I paid top dollar for it, other than the better engine and graphics of coarse. I doubt it’ll be a disappointment as a shooter with RPG elements thrown in for good measure. So cool. Untill this, then Skyrim in Nov. Still eagerly awaiting L.A. Noire in May and for Deus Ex HR to get a firm release date so I can see if it can atleast wipe away the bad taste left by Invisible War.

  2. This game feels like a cross between Fallout and Borderlands with a splash of classic Doom/Quake style creatures.

    I’m really interested in it on many levels.
    1. I love sandbox games in general.
    2. I like that since it wasn’t a nuke the landscape is actually colorful.
    3. IdTech5!!!!
    4. ID is making a open world game. If they can shift their awesome level design into awesome world building I will need to change my pants every 5 seconds while playing.
    5. Vehicles + Wasteland = infinite fun.

    And many more reasons…. My point is I want this game!

  3. Q: Will it look and play this good on PS3 and XBox 360 or will you need a Bad-A** PC to get close to the gameplay and video quality shown in this trailer?

  4. Grim grisly Bisley western world of sci fi horror dealing out reality shattering damage to the minds id where nothing is ever the same in the fragmented sanity of insanity.

    Thank you for the disturbance of the norm in future worlds of could’ve been and yet..are.

  5. Wow, Theirs Rage AND Skyrim being released almost the same day. That shows the devotion and time that bethesda puts into their games. it truly amazes me.