Dead Money now available on Steam and PSN

Update: Dead Money is now available on PSN in the US

The adventures of Fallout: New Vegas continue on PC and PS3 today!

New Vegas’ first game add-on, Dead Money, is now available on Steam in North America and Europe. The content is also available on the US PlayStation Store, and on Wednesday it will be available in Europe and other PAL territories. The content is available on both platforms for $9.99.

Reader Comments

  1. It kind of pains me, but this is one thing that I will wait for. For a long time now I’ve been buying pretty much anything put out by Bethesda or Obsidian on release day, because I love both companies and your products. But I’m honestly tired of games being released when they are still not quite finished and full of bugs. I’ll wait until all the DLCs are out and buy them when they inevitably go on sale as a pack on Steam. Hopefully by then they’ll be fully finished (or at least have a good community patch), so I’ll save myself both money and aggravation.

    Again, in the past I would have bought your products right away and wouldn’t have even thought about wanting to pay the lowest price possible. But you’ve taught me to be patient and stingy.

  2. Shortly after downloading the DLC I lost interest in it, the concept seems unrelated to the entire story, the collar is frustrating, and there are a lot of glitches. I regret throwing down the 800 Microsoft Points for it actually. I have yet to beat the damned thing. Fallout 3’s DLCs were much better than this thing.

  3. woohoo! i have a brand new character – the cunning crafty coward – all set at L12. if folks can answer WITHOUT SPOILERS, will this midlevel character be suitable for raiding the Sierra Madre? does level not really matter?

    Steam downloaded a mysterious un-labeled, note-less update a couple nights ago, too. i have had a couple odd crashes since, but nothing really obviously disastrous.

    also, i’d like to remark on the TOTAL SPOILER FAIL from Obsidian. the achievement descriptions for “Safety Deposit Box” and “Cash Out” basically RUIN THE ENDINGS FOR THIS DLC. i will not repeat them here, and i recommend you don’t look at the NV achievements if you haven’t seen them. but… really, guys? that’s just really, really stupid. you could have written them in an ambiguous fashion that, say, DIDN’T mention the mystery character and DIDN’T reveal plot points. all the main NV achievements are perfectly ambiguous: “You’ll Know When It Happens” is described as “Complete You’ll Know It When It Happens.” not (SPOILERS) “Shoot the guy in the tower and the other guy on the ground to prevent the assassination of NCR President Kimball.” really, who approved that?

  4. Sorry I usually never comment ,
    But this is really a butt hurt, I took a day off from work today just to play the dlc.
    It was announced the 22nd and now at the END of the 22th I find out you guys won’t release it today.
    Dont get me wrong but I love what you guys did with fallout 3(and all the dlc) and fallout new vegas but this is just sad.
    Psn and you really need to get your stuff together because this pretty much ruined my day off.

  5. @emilio

    Apparently if you’re lower than lvl 25 this DLC is a major PITA, but I assume it’s still possible with some careful moves. You’re not the only one who’s attempting this at a low level, I was forced to make a new guy since apparently the DLC doesn’t work if you’ve beat the game, which makes the entire point of it, from a storyline and gameplay perspective, totally moot.

  6. @emilio I was at level 30 when I played Dead Money on Xbox 360 and I found it extremely challenging. Going in at level 12 is insane!

  7. Also, I forgot to add that I was playing in Hardcore mode, so (without spoiling anything)….that makes Dead Money very difficult.

  8. It appears that this DLC is not available for 1C/Cenega editions of the game for PC in Europe (according to Fallout Wikia and my own experience). Well, for me that is even more dissapointing because of there is no info anywhere when it will be available…

  9. Obsidian & Bethesda has given Playstation the approval to upload and release it.It is not their fault/problem it is not released yet on the PSN Store…Please bother forums to get it going faster.We(Bethesda) are sitting back and laughing about how many complaints are being posted.We have given the information about the release and that is all we can do.

    Thank You.

  10. @emilio: The ghost people are super hard to kill, and very hard to kill. I found them frustratingly difficult to kill with 85 Guns and 90 sneak. Be prepared.

    @zabinatrix: I feel you, man. It’s just not worth the aggravation. Two months it took to enter Vegas! Agghh!

  11. @ steven beets

    Dude your at the point of no return haha, you can’t play the DLC if you started the final quest in the game. You have to go back to a earlier save.

  12. I hate this. I bought the wrong one, while under the assumption that the French version meant that it was in French and for French copies of the game. Now I need to get a new PSN card to get the proper version, what am I supposed to do with the wrong one, I demand refund!

  13. I am really getting annoyed as Dead Money DLC still has not been released in Australia after two days, and yet its not even in the PS Store. Can anyone clear this up because i’ve finished the main game and all but i’m just waiting to play the damn DLC.

    It looks amazing from the trailers 🙂

  14. I would like to share my general feeleing regarding Bethesda. Since many years i dont see any support from you as a publisher. Once again i bought original game (FNV) and i cannot buy DLC on PC as in my region is not available and noone knows when it will be available.

    Same situation was with Fallout 3. Addons was available 6 months after worldwide release day. Pitty.

    For F3 on consoles (localised versions in Poland) we didnt get even vis PSN/Live localised addons at all.

    You should be shame that you treat legal costumers like this. Skyrim is comming and what i see there is no chance that Poles will be treated same as rest of the world. There is only pirated version left to play full game (with addons) and what i see on other forums in PL houndreds of people will do same as they are sharing my thoughts

    There is no problem with release day of your product there but with problem is with support after RD so im assuming that its not local distributor fault.

    Biggest games vortals in Poland are writing about this situation which generates more black PR for you.

    you convince more and more people to pirate your games than to buy legal


    very DISAPPOINTED costumer

  15. It’s out on UK store but I’m not going to buy it yet as my FNV BLES code is 00901 but 00902 is required. I bought FNV in the UKI, i live in northern Ireland if it matters but this won’t work then will it?

  16. This DLC is absent in my Steam account.

    Also, when we will have a Macintosh version of all this? I’m tired to boot everytime in Windows to just play. That’s old graphics engine, i’m just don’t see any problem to port all of it already… If Valve made it with all their software line, Bethesda can make it too.

  17. I’m living in Poland and got Collectors UK version of F:NV (not form 1C or Cenega) and Dead Money is absent for me in Steam. Seems its not distributor dependent but relies on account localization so makes me double unhappy.

  18. heh, thank you all dearly for your concern about my L12 char. thankfully there’s a warning before entering Dead Money to the effect of “for experienced Couriers only”, L20 and above. so i leveled up to L18 over a couple nights (hooray for easy Platinum Chip & Boomer missions) and went for it.

    i like it so far! the entry is a bit hokey (yes, like other expansions, they take all your stuff) but it’s got a nice feel to it – it’s a genuinely creepy and mysterious place, and i do want to learn its secrets. the sound design strikes me as particularly good. and the enemies aren’t too hard, at least the handful i’ve encountered… and this is with a char with which i never spent any points on combat skills, except for like 4 points in to guns (and random skill books). just keep attacking when they drop and you’ll be a-OK.

  19. HEYYYYY BETHESDA I love the new fallout but come on guys I beat the game incuding the new add-on in a week so I hoping someone will make another add-oln and also if it possible can u make it to where u can repair and drive cars 1 its faster 2 you can repair guns but not cars 3 common I get it that u did the whole the worlds been nuked but radiations can’t mealt mental and I stop by camp golf after finding ever single place on the map and I saw some golf carts there that would be driveable if fix them but could I drive them nooo so come on guys I don’t care if your repair has to be 100 in skill before u can drive/fix a car man I just want to get to point A to B faster one of the reasons is ok I’m out by the great new vegas lake when I’m ambushed I swim all the way to cam golf engough to see a gulf cart that could be driveable but instead I to run by it instead of hopping in it and getting away and since you can’t fast travel when ememys are nearby riding some kind of veichle would the best way to get the heck away in oblivion you have horses but in fallout you got nothing but a possible surgery that makes you faster but cost 8,000 caps and makes you a little faster and you have to travel all the way to a med center have it done soo come on guys plz make it add-on or in the next fallout that let’s you drive veichles

  20. I bought Dead Money for the ps3 but it does not seem to load and I tried restarting my ps3 many times and waited for the radio signal or a message to start the DLC but nothing happened, is anybody else having a problem with this?

  21. Please help me gstaff I started dead money and I’m in the BOS bunker where the radio is, and I looked at my pip boy and then there was a flash and noise, now I’m just stuck in front of the radio and I can’t move or anything, please help

  22. I purchased dead money for the playstation 3 and I can’t get it to work i have tried re downloading it and it still appears as though I don’t have it as I have checked the download option in the main menu and nothing comes up I’ve waited in the game for a half an hour and nothing came up either could some please help me

  23. @gstaff

    So when can we expect this patch that will cover some issues reported in our forums including performance and stability? Anytime at all this month? Or is everyone in the office too busy with Skyrim to think about the people that still can’t finish a game that was released in October of last year?

  24. hay dose any one know how to down load dead money (us version) in australia i have us copy of fallout new vegas but on play station store all we have is uk version witch dose not work so if anyone has any info it will be much appretiate

  25. @gstaff
    are you guys playing make the gamers pull their hair out with anxeity?!!
    will you ever annonce release dates for the reamining add ons?
    or are you just going to suprise drop them on us like a 2077 atom bomb?

  26. “I forgot to remember how to forget” causes game-breaking freezing problems in Bitter Springs. Are you guys going to get around the fixing this kind of stuff or is the beta version of the game really what I paid all this money for?

  27. Dead Money on PS3 won’t start, screen freezes when you get gassed. I already reinstalled the dlc and it still keeps freezing what can I do? Is there a patch for this?

  28. Hey, so because this is the last thread to talk about NV DLC I was wondering, could you please drop any info on new dlc’s. If your making them or you canceled them. With elder scrolls 5 coming I’ve all but giving up hope because of how horrible all the glitches are in NV. It just sad, NV is a great game but it has become an epic failure in terms of programming.

  29. This will be the last fallout I will purchase in fact I wont touch any Bethesda release no attention to their audience FIX the damn bugs, let people know what the hell is going on!!!!!! no new DLC for a long time too busy with their other projects to focus on new vegas!

    Really Really put off which is a shame because I love the games just hate the company I have not touched FNV since completing dead money which wasnt that good a DLC.

  30. ive downloaded the dead money dlc from a friend but its not working when it should cause ive tried it with the call of duty maps and it worked fine but why wont this one?

  31. Damn pain in the ass. I live in Canada and had pre-ordered the collector’s edition of Fallout: NV from the US as soon as it was available, so I have the US version of the game (BLUS-30500) for the PS3. As soon as Dead Money came out, I got on the PSN and bought the DLC, installed it with money I really shouldn’t have been spending — it didn’t work. It was the bloody Canadian copy. They don’t even offer the US copy to download, so basically I’m screwed. All my money nowadays has to go to medical bills, so I can’t afford to buy a new game, a US chip, or anything like that. This is a big bloody pain!

    Bethesda or PSN; PLEASE make the US DLC available on the Canadian PSN! There are so many people having this annoying problem and we have little that we can do about it that doesn’t involve spending a pile of money on things we never should have had to spend it on! Not everyone is so rich they can just throw away money like that.

    PS: If anyone has a solution for this that DOESN’T involve me spending more than about 10 dollars, please let me know, I would be extremely grateful. I realize how unlikely this is, but I’m putting it out there anyway.