Prepare for Skyrim’s trailer

Today on The Elder Council, we provided a link to an all-new Dragonborn wallpaper. In addition to the wallpaper, we included a link to a mysterious countdown timer — mysterious only to those that immediately started doing a dragon dance around their house. Those of you that were able to keep your wits noticed the countdown is leading up to the “first, in-game look at The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!!”

So in less than 19 hours (10 AM EST), the world will see Skyrim in action. How will you prepare for tomorrow’s trailer? We suggest the following: 1) Join The Elder Council, 2) Gaze upon your new wallpaper, and 3) join the folks doing the dragon dance… and maybe let them know what the countdown is all about.

Reader Comments

  1. Dovahkiin! I can not wait to gaze upon your dragon-killing forearms! Lets hope we see some combat, some cities and some hot tavern babes!

  2. OMG, I’m on vacation (in Bariloche), farer than 3000+ km from home. I will get back on Friday. I hope tomorrow I can see it from my iPhone. Because otherwise I’m going to be crazy… Bethesda, Pete, Todd or Dragonborn, please tell me wha’s the Dragonshouts to make the video friendly-iPhone!!!

  3. I put the new wallpaper at my desktop immediately when I first saw it and I’ve been a member of the elder council for a long time now but I don’t know how a dragon dance looks like!!HELP!?!??!

  4. My computer broke down yesterday. I fixed it but it can no longer play games 🙁

    This is a sign! The universe itself is saying: Leon, you MUST buy a new pc that is worthy of SKYRIM! Oh Bethesda you got me so hyped up for your new creation!

  5. The countdown was originally counting towards 10 this morning, and when the countdown reset and nothing happened I almost cried. Another day isn’t bad, though.

  6. definately not based on actual “Viking” archeology findings.

    “Vikings” looked more like this (some Christian warriors mixed in with soem of the vikings on the pics and some clothings from other North Germanian tribes):

  7. I will prepare for the trailer by not preparing. For a flexible adaptive state is the best way to enjoy all things everchanging of Bethesda.

    Awe inspiring wallpaper. The very embodiment of a new era dawning.

    Thank you.

  8. No love for the widescreen monitor folks? Running 1920×1080, and none of the wallpapers fit that aspect ratio exactly. Then again, I could quit my bitching, find one that’s close, and prepare for the most awesome game ever. 😀

  9. Very exciting trailer. Everything looks top notch from the players character body to the brutal savage world of SKYRIM. Magic spells are more visually seductive. Creature animations are stunning with lifelike movement and body attire is very detailed. Love those robes.

    When the player character did the Dragon Shout it sounded like he said BEETHESDA TODD!!! 😀

    Hail Bethesda! The Dream Makers!

  10. Akatosh got the time wrong…irony!

    Amazing trailer btw!

    And Danish these aren’t vikings, they are from Skyrim which afaik is a fictional place, merely inspired by Norse, Scandinavian and Viking mythology but you can expect a wholly new thing from Bethesda…

  11. [The Bode wrote on February 24th, 2011

    SHIP IT! ]

    I dont think so 🙂 Like Pete Hines said in the latest Bethesda Podcast theres a reason why SKYRIM isnt out yet.

    Patience The Bode shall bode you well :>

  12. Matt Collins I was only answering Altmers question. Nothing more. I was not stating that the Nords In Skyrim are Vikings, even though there are more than a few places where the inspiration is clear or at least inspiration from the vikings of fiction, wrong as those might look compared to the real thing, is clearly present.