Brink developer profile: Meet Jeremy Hay

Steve ‘Badman’ Hessel at Splash Damage let me know that they’ve got a new Brink team profile up on their official site. This week we meet media artist Jeremy ‘Pinflux’ Hay, who joined the team back in 2009. So what does Jeremy do? Here’s a look…

What do you do at Splash Damage?

I’m the Media Artist, and a part of Splash Damage’s marketing department. It’s my job to assist in encouraging you to drop your hard earned dollars/pounds/euros on our games once they’re released, all through creating shiny images and videos to dazzle and distract. My work ranges from taking screenshots of Brink to realising ridiculous holiday-specific concepts.

For more on Jeremy and the rest of Splash Damage’s team, head here.

Reader Comments

  1. Wowzers and i thought the people at Bethesda were nutty. Truly Splash Damage knows thee art of wordplay the sacred seduction of hand into mind manipulating the fingers to give the dough of enriching bread from the leather wallet sandwich.

    Thank you for the interesting read 😀 😀 😀