First In-game Skyrim Trailer Released!

Following a tense 24-hour countdown, the official in-game trailer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been released!

In addition to the new trailer, has seen a major update, including new Skyrim features and fancy legacy pages for all the games in the Elder Scrolls series. Need the TES Construction kit? Want to watch the Arena intro — or download the full game? You can do this now.

We hope you enjoy — and keep checking back for more updates as we approach Skyrim Day, 11/11/11!

Reader Comments

  1. Mindblowing .. Hairs on end .. Jaw dropped .. Heart racing .. Holding my breath the hole time .. After seeing the screenshots I thought it looked good but I had no idea!! The shadows were iffy but I’m not complaining .. I want it to run without needing a new PC haha

  2. Amazing, simply amazing. It went well above and beyond what I expected of it. The cities look simply awe inspiring and taking on that Dragon looked to be a challanging battle, which I hope I can replicate in the game. At least with a few more ice spells and flamesthrowers to soften that Dragon up for a nice Dragon shout πŸ˜€

  3. Ok, this is going to be the most sincere comment of my life:

    I have never been so blown away by a trailer in my whole life. I have found myself saying “oh this is an awesome trailer!” before but now that’s not the case. When I saw the first footage of snowy mountains I squealed like a Twilight fangirl seeing Edward naked. And once Dragonborn released the shout and the song kicked in ice sprung out of my spine (I will exaggerate by saying I may have looked like a frost atronach for a while). Congratulations Bethesda, you have just secured a customer.

  4. The wallpapers in the download section don’t work. Firefox 3.0.5 OS X.

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  5. A work of harmonious excellence. Truly the waiting is sweet for the complete package flowing with brilliance of stable execution.

    Hail Bethesda! The wait is never painful for their gifts which never stop giving.

  6. true epicness, i dont usually get excited about games but i tell you theres a first for everything and i am truly going mad already waiting for this game!! pre-ordered already? yes, yes i think so!!

  7. Let’s see….the view distance is great, the movement of the characters is great, the environments are great. That is one amazing looking game.

    I always like additional details, such as being able to see the character’s breath in the cold air. That just adds to the feeling of how cold the environment is.

    I’m lucky that I got a new PC last year, so I’m ready for November.

  8. OMFG the trailer looks nice ! I’ve been jumping up and down all day since i’ve seen this ! The music is simply perfect, it got me hyped like the good old day in 2006 when Oblivion were to be released. You’ve outdone yourself Bethesda ! christmas day is really today πŸ˜€

  9. Goosebumps every time I watch it. The end of the trailer really is cinematic, especially with the music and sound. Congrats on making the best trailer ever.

  10. It’s a great trailer. It’s so great that even Notch (creator of Minecraft) is fawning over it on Twitter – I didn’t think I’d see him so happy about a new game πŸ™‚ Here’s his rather excited tweet: “I am peeing myself and I never want to play anything other than Skyrim and I love Bethesda and THERE ARE DRAGONS NOW AND FIRE AND SPELLS AND”

    I found it amusing πŸ™‚

  11. seriously, release this in better quality. the compression sticks out in some places a lot. this trailer deserves better presentation.
    pretty please?

  12. Mua ha ha.

    Divorce lawyers will be making bucketloads after Skyrim’s release.

    Seriously, how can one have a social life this year with such an impressive game lineup?

  13. Bethesda greatest game making company of al time.

    Only reason i havent pre ordered yet is because i want to know if there is going to be any special edition?


  14. @Leathersoup – I live in Canada too. Why would you want to pre-order it now anyway? I’m waiting for the Collector’s Edition to be announced πŸ™‚

    Trailer looks AMAZING. I can’t believe how incredible the outside environments, characters and towns look. The awesomeness that this game will be can’t be described!

  15. I am defiantly going to buy the collectors addition of this game (you know you’re going to make one Pete Hines.) This looks like the best one yet as far as setting goes in my expert opinion. I just have one question:

    Will the Clothes and armor in this game be like fallout in the respect that they will be all one piece or will they be like Morrowind/ Oblivion in which you could swap out multiple articles? I think for the elder scrolls series it is important to be able to have the choice to customize your characters clothes.

  16. I frickin love you guys, like seriously. I flipped out when I saw this 5 minutes ago, the wait to november will be agony. These graphics are AMAZING, i better play as much oblivion as i can before this because it will look awful in comparison. You guys are going to take game of the year, i love bioware games, but its not happening this year! πŸ˜€

  17. Man I’ve watched this trailer about 10 times now. I was camping the website this morning waiting for it to release. It was more beautiful than anything I have ever seen. More beautiful than getting my first job, more beautiful than graduating from high school…………..11/11/11 the only day that matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Stunning to hear this is from the XBOX 360. I think alot of people are gonna be happy with their performance on any recently purchased computers in the past two years. Skill sets must be blasting away with such buetiful craftsmanship. Who says Consoles are bad for the PC market πŸ˜€

    Music is also very heart pounding action packed. Cant wait to hear some of the slower paced pieces.

    Thanks for the inspiring trailer of things to come. Its gonna be a fun Thanksgiving.

  19. The trailer was fantastic, I think I’ve watched it a hundred times now. And that will only increase once it’s released on X-box Live so I can watch it on my HDTV πŸ™‚

    It’s also really great to finally get the website back, the redesign is sleek and sexy.

    All hail Bethesda!

    P.S. I was really glad to see on twitter after the trailer was released that it’s all dynamic, not scripted, and on X-box 360. I don’t even have words to describe how epic that is.

  20. It’s good to know others agree a Macintosh version should be released!

    I almost shat my pants when I saw the trailer!

    The only fear I have is the dragons and the Brink like graphics!

  21. Now I can live through another week or two by watching this 5 to 6 times per day.
    But then I’ll need new Skyrim satisfaction or I will slowly fade away and rage myself to death.

  22. Here is a list of great things to keep an eye out in the Skyrim trailer. Some of these I noticed during my unhealthy amount of time viewing the trailer and noticing comments from other Bethsoft legacy fanboys from the Arena/Daggerfall days.

    There are numerous hidden gems for longtime fans of the series and hints at some of the things the new engine is capable of:

    * Interesting sense of momentum and speed in first person, the outstretched arm to restore balance is fantastic. 0:39

    * Old Tamriel ruins – a statue to one of the Nine Divines: See the face in the grass at 1:15?

    * 1:21: If you look closely there is a man copping wood. The wood splits in two naturally.

    * 1:27: The camera shakes when the giant walks towards you. Besides being awesome, gives a real sense of weight and scale. Nice touch.

    * 1:28: The water in the water wheel actually looks good, natural flow and reaction instead of pregenerated mist.waves.

    * 1:44: NIRNROOT! The question is, has the plant become more abundant in the time since Oblivion? Alchemist start salivating.

    * 1:46: BEHOLD, are you fighting in Dwemer ruins? I miss the Dwemer ruins from Morrowind and the return of them here makes sense given the Dwemer were one of the ancient Tamriel races that I believe were around during the ancient age of Dragons and the Novakim.

    Special bonus – the orchestrated score in the dragon language has some nice throwbacks/hints of thematic elements from previous games in the series.

  23. Man when the guy smacks the skeleton in the head with the axe you see his head jerk. That wasnt in Oblivion the new creation engine looks so amazing. Seriously its so awesome to see weapons and individual body parts react accordingly to getting hit or whatever may be happening to them. The new Creation engine is a enormous leap forward from the Gamebryo engine

  24. The weather effects look fabulous! The snow falling looks realistic and not over done while the misty appearance of the mountains gives a cold chilling mood. Love the shadows from the forest environment being cast on the character as he is sneaking about. Hopefully they’ll make it into the final working.

    Animations have definitely evolved to the next level of greatness with plenty of lifelike variety. I wonder if when the character is running and stops as if about to fall off the cliff if its due to momentum which means players will have to slow down when they are running in alot of situations otherwise end up with a face full of trap πŸ˜€

    The horned leather armor is fantastic and full of epic rpg fantasy flavor. Reminds me a bit of Frank Frazetta’s DEATHDEALER character.

    Those woods look alive with wild life. Perfect for hunting and many a tasty home cooked Nord meal of juicy meat. Wonder what i’ll have to drink it down with.

    Oh snap is that light shining from the windows? Yay just like the good old days of TES 2 DAGGERFALL seeing the warm light of shelter after a night of adventure in some dangerous cold dungeon.

    Thank you for THE MAGNIFICENCE.

  25. an amazing sneak preview, especially audio wise, but with either wrongly chosen sceens, or an indication that graphically and in terms of physics, skyrim won’t be such an exceptional game (visually!) opening a completely new chapter for all games, as morrowind & oblivion have been when released.

    the graphics seem to be “just” a slight improvment of the engine used in oblivion (the water in the creek is simply ugly and graphically 4 years old, sorry..), and the physics (except maybe the cut sceens) seem to be rather on the same level as oblivion was (which were amazing, in 2006..), but far behind today’s standards (eg. bfbc2, cod black ops & metro 2033). the movements seem to be too much robot-like and far too SLOW! just take a look at the meelee sceens.. no strike with a dagger lasts for almost half a second.. i just hope this is because these were cut sceens and not a real first-person gameplay footage.

    i also hoped to see desctructible environment!!!! (eg. like in bfbc2), especially the effects a dragonfire breath should cause on wood, but also when hitting an oponent – a huge disappointment obviously.

    i’m 100% confident that skyrim will be a great sequel to the previous TES games, lifting the bar for every RPG to the max again, but as i said, visually, it probably won’t set any new standards as morrowind & oblivion did.

    hope the developers get to read such comments, so eventually some of the critics get responded to until the release!

    still, theres no chance that anything else could ever take the place of my all-time favorite game(s), which definitely are morrowind & oblivion, and certainly skyrim when out.

  26. necrophyte: You seem to be taking a lot of things from shooters and asking for them to be introduced in RPGs. Some of them do not appear in RPGs for good reasons…

    RPGs are not supposed to be heavy on action and require the player to react within milliseconds. Consequently fighting moves take some time, possibly more than realistically expected, but enough to leave the player time for thinking about the next move. This is not a bug, it is a feature.

    Physics and destructible environments. It might be fun to use a crumbling ceiling against a horde of enemies, but what if one of them carries some quest-relevant loot? If a quest requires visiting this dungeon again, but you have completely destroyed it? Also, you wouldn’t want enemies to be able to instant-kill you by shooting a forcewave on some rock, right? RPGs are naturally more complex than shooters, and I predict that destructible environments won’t come up in RPGs for the next five years due to the unpredictable and potentially game-breaking consequences.

    Back to topic, this is an epic trailer, particularly at the dragon shout! Let me hope that the game will live up to the expectations it evokes.

  27. The first thing that came to mind on watching the first screenshots of Skyrim was Conan.

    Some of them look straight out of a cover of the Savage Sword of Conan. i.e. fighting the giant spider

    Doesn’t anyone else feel the same?

  28. [ Espekuli wrote on February 28th, 2011

    The first thing that came to mind on watching the first screenshots of Skyrim was Conan.

    Some of them look straight out of a cover of the Savage Sword of Conan. i.e. fighting the giant spider

    Doesn’t anyone else feel the same? ]

    I think it captures many fantasy mythos. For me it reminds me alot of Frank Frazetta’s work like DEATHDEALER. I was reminded alot of Simon Bisley’s work especially MELTING POT with OBLIVION especially those dungeons πŸ™‚

    Its one of Bethesda’s creative style to be all realities yet none to shape as clay by the players imagination.