First In-game Skyrim Trailer Released!

Following a tense 24-hour countdown, the official in-game trailer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been released!

In addition to the new trailer, has seen a major update, including new Skyrim features and fancy legacy pages for all the games in the Elder Scrolls series. Need the TES Construction kit? Want to watch the Arena intro — or download the full game? You can do this now.

We hope you enjoy — and keep checking back for more updates as we approach Skyrim Day, 11/11/11!

Reader Comments

  1. Bethesda softwork Elder scrolls misy keep going to make dis game when i saw the trailer of Skyrim i was realy amazed i can’t wait keep giong making the elder scrolls the best games i played.

  2. hey nick, will the hair and clothes be animated on characters?What will the polyg. count be?
    i don’t know how you’ll connect the oblivion protagonist with the skyrim story, but our team has a few good ideas.our team doesn’t want to play skyrim, we’d kill to mod for it,DELIVER A GOOD SDK BETH and it’ll become the most modded game ever.
    skyrim’s fate is interwinned with cyrodiil’s champion.
    The 200year jump is an error, blizzard in their warcraft saga are more time consistent.
    One of the skyrim dlcs should try to bridge the gap and revisit cyrodiil

  3. Totally agree with matimik!
    You guys just have to close this gap! Hope you thought about it when writing the story for skyrim. I liked the little rumor in Oblivion about the Nerevarine who is gone on an expedition to Akkavir, but, as you are the Dragonborn as the Emperors of Tamriel have been (or at least Talos, if I understood everything right), there totally has to be a direct connection to Oblivion! (Want to see the statue of Bruma`s hero! Cool idea, by the way)
    I’d love to create some mods for Skyrim, but unfortunately my PC probably won`t have the requirements for this game I think…so I`ll enjoy it on Xbox!!!

    And not to forget: This Trailer is just FREAKING AWESOME!!!
    A known person once said: “All the neurons in my head are firing R****, R****, R****!!”
    I say: “All the neurons in my head are firing SKYRIM, SKYRIM, SKYRIM!!!!!!!”
    Really, can’t wait for it!!