Exploring the new Elder Scrolls website

In case you’ve been staring at the trailer for the last 24 hours (we’ve been doing that too), wanted to remind you to explore our new Elder Scrolls website. Front and center on the site is Skyrim, for which you can find the latest media, news coverage, wallpapers, and more.

The site also has plenty of cool stuff from previous games in the series. You can watch game introductions and trailers, read archived team diaries for Morrowind and Oblivion, and yes, you can once again download Arena and Daggerfall for FREE.

In the community section, be sure to check out the first team diary for Skyrim, Welcome Back Elder Scrolls, written by Todd Howard. Todd discusses the excitement of returning to Tamriel after creating Fallout 3, and how both the series and team have evolved. Here’s an excerpt…

“To do that this time, we knew, like before, we had to start over. We needed to reinvent large parts of the game and its technology. We started with the graphics renderer, and how we would bring the scale of snow covered mountains, dynamic weather systems, and massive dragons to life along with the small details of how people lived; from the forks they used, to the fish they caught, and the meat they cooked. We then rewrote all the major graphics and gameplay systems including lighting, shadows, level of detail, animation, interface, scripting, dialogue, quest systems, melee, magic, and more. All of those changes made it into our internal editor as well. So much had changed that we decided to call the engine and editor by a new name, the Creation Engine and the Creation Kit. We can’t wait to see what all the brilliant mod makers do with these tools.”

Read the rest here. The diary is accomodated by our newest team photo, which I had the privilege to snap last week. If you’re wondering why they’re smiling, there’s plenty of good reasons: 1) It was Friday, 2) our happy hour was about to begin, and 3) Like you, they’re fans of the series and can’t wait for you guys to have a chance to play it.

Between now and 11.11.11, stay tuned for new updates on the site.

Reader Comments

  1. Wow, its a great trailer, and cant wait for november ,
    Wisch you all the best with the creation of this next master-piece, that will shock the PC gaming world
    Best regards
    Henk Nap / The Netherlands

    ps. ive notice a Oblivion t-shirt in the photo, ive been looking for that for years, where can i buy one!!!??

  2. I hope you guys bring back the codex sections of the previous games. And when the time comes new sections about Skyrim.

    The Codex/Codi were a large reason why I was intrigued to buy Morrowind back in ’02.

  3. I love you bethesda. I just want you to know that. You have never disappointed me with your games before, and this new Skyrim trailer has effectively blown my mind. Never stop making amazing games. Elder Scrolls forever!

  4. The new website looks greeat! Very detailed. Very different. Very Bethesda!

    Love the design of the DAGGERFALL download page. It makes it look like DAGGERFALL just got released 😀

    Thanks for gourmet feast of advertising and congratulations on the new website.

  5. I did notice. Just want to say; Great job to the site designers. You guys really made the website look sleek and sexy. I’m kind of noticing that as the trend for Skyrim… (looks at the Skyrim cover for GI) 😀

  6. It looks really great! Is there any chance we could get those background images as wallpapers? I would love to have the Morrowind one as my desktop.

  7. I don’t really like how it relies on Flash to run, but the new website looks very fancy – the layout is lovely and you can still view the games other than Skyrim easily. Impressed!

  8. I agree with everybody here and would also like to have the backround pictures especially the one from Morrowind.

    thanks for the elder scrolls!

  9. I would like to say that now after owning Bethesda software for over a year now I have really come to know what kind of effort goes into making your games. I am currently in the midst of completing Fallout 3 and Oblivion GotYE and I must say Bravo! Job well done and I look forward to the next Installment of Elder Scroll V Skyrim.

  10. Looks cool and all but why should anyone that use anything else then a xbox console even bother with it ? all addons and such will only be released on xbox anyway!

    I have enjoyed all the previous elderscroll games but sadly when you chose treat me like you did with fallout las vegas i wont continue playing the games.

    If its so important to kick the loyal gan base of pc players in the groin like with the add on to las vegas i can clearly see that you guys have decided pc players money arent worth bubkis!

  11. As always, I love the work of Max Von Sydow, he’s the single best actor ever to come out of scandinavia. I can’t wait to hear more from him, not to mention see more of the game itself.

    However, I’m hoping that Bethesda will be so kind as to release a few screenshots of the game, and I hope that E3 will be a major arena for them in showcasing more of the actual game. I’d love to see the same type of gameplay videos as they did for Fallout 3, when they showed off a number of specific game features like “Weapons”, “Moral”, and similar.

    Anyways, keep it up Bethesda, Todd Howards words in the last podcast was music to my ears. NO MORE UGLY-BUTTON!!!