New fan art added

Just added a few more pieces to the fan art section of the blog — including this Skyrim-inspired piece from Richard Falla.

If you’ve got fan art to share — be sure to email it to us at [email protected]m. In addition to creations inspired by Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, we’d love to get some contributions for our upcoming games (Brink, Hunted), as well as well as games from id Software (Wolfenstein, RAGE, QUAKE, and DOOM).

Reader Comments

  1. That fan art is great… I love how you can see how freezing it is outside the door, while the inn is made of only warm colors. It’s like a warm, cozy refuge from the cold. Exactly how I always pictured inns. 🙂

  2. Could you sort these chronologically on the fan art page? It’s great that you host this, but when you just say “we added some new ones” I don’t know where they are.

  3. Thats a buetiful piece of art by Richard Falla. Soothing warm colors with a ambience of shelter and festive frothy mugament. A most excellent place to make merry and do a wild irish jig at inhuman speeds while betting onlookers yell Faster! Faster! or We’ll have to kill ye!

    All the while some serious blokes plan something..serious.

    Thanks for the wonderful beauty to all involved and stirring up my crazed imagination 😀

  4. Can my previous comment be deleted or the link deleted? I didn’t mean for that to link anywhere I wasn’t paying attention to what I typed. Thanks.

  5. The Vault 101 dweller opening the vault is my favorite painting ever. It completely describes the feeling of adventure and discovery I got from the game, and that’s fantastic artwork.