Hunted, RAGE, and Brink invade Beantown

Do you like apples?

This weekend we’re off to Boston, where we’ll be feelin’ the good vibrations at PAX East. At our booth, you’ll have a chance to go hands on with both Hunted and Brink — with developers from inXile and Splash Damage on hand to answer your questions. For Hunted, you’ll be able to play the game cooperatively on a level that’s never been shown to the public. Meanwhile, those playing Brink will have an opportunity to play a new level, Security Tower, which sees desperate Resistance fighters attempting to break one of their own out of the Security’s main headquarters on the Ark.

After playing the games, you’ll leave the booth feeling cooler than Matt Damon — as you’ll be Departeding with t-shirts for both games.

On Friday night, we can’t promise you Steven Tyler, but you’ll feel like a rock star if you attend our Brink’d community event (8-11 PM) at the Black Falcon Terminal. Just a Brady-to-Moss toss away from the Boston Convention Center, on hand we’ll have multiple 16-player setups with developers from Splash Damage playing against members of the community. We’ll also be handing out some wicked cool giveaways. Space is limited, so get there early!

And while it’s too early to see home runs over Fenway’s Green Monster, you’ll see huge mutants in our special presentations for RAGE (Friday and Saturday at 1:30 PM in the Wyvern Theatre) being presented by id Software’s Jason Kim and Matt Hooper. Attendees of the event will receive a limited “Wingstick” t-shirt and have a chance ask questions following the presentation.

How do ya’ like them apples?!?

Reader Comments

  1. Hunted shirt!? Meep! Waiting this whole week is going to feel like an eternity. Can’t wait to play Hunted again and this time get my friends to try it, too.

  2. I think my mind just exploded like it was straight out of a Michael Bay film because of all those jokes.

    I approve Gstaff. I approve. I wish I was able to go. Hopefully next year…

  3. Yes please, I love Apples!

    I will be there for sure. I can’t wait to play Brink once again, and now a new level to play. Outlander was right, head exploding. See you all in Boston!

  4. Cant wait for rage presentation, wish carmac was going to be there. but still pumped for all the news you just said, see you friday!

  5. Yes, I like apples. But will I be able to buy them?

    Will there be a 360 Asian version for Brink, as there is for Skyrim and Rage?…15-skyrim.html…n-15-Rage.html…-15-Brink.html

    Splash Damage is a fantastic and generous developer and them hosting a community event comes as no surprise. I am sure that those who go will remember the party and the people for a very long time! Have a blast, everyone!