PAX East: Boston Brink Community Event

Going to be in Boston on Friday night? Join us at the Black Falcon Terminal — conveniently located nearby the PAX East Boston Convention Center — for an opportunity to get your hands on Brink.

We’ll have three full 8-on-8 setups running the game in a massive terminal on the waterfront. Food, beverages, music and entertainment are all on us. Attendees will also have the chance to score some sweet swag, including a custom Brink facemask (pictured above). Space is limited, so be sure to get there early if you want to guarantee yourself playtime and giveaways.

Event is first come, first serve. See you there!

Reader Comments

  1. @gstaff: Awesome. I wish I didn’t live in Oklahoma and could ever attend events like this. The game looks great, I can’t wait to buy it (Fallout pack). Let me know if there’s any other way to score one of those masks!

  2. i, too, am concerned about Frankenstein’s underpants.

    and all this crap happening in places that aren’t the Bay Area makes me sadder i missed GDC this year…

  3. you know what sucks its on my birthday but i have to work but what do i care my job is paying for this game so its all good

  4. I’m pumped about this event! I’m even willing to miss the Celtics game to take part in this! Glad to support a game/dev team that is kicking down some walls in the world of FPS, just when I was ready to give up. I plan to inquire about supporting the PC gamer community with real dedicated servers, mapping/modding tools etc. I still think the backbone of true FPS is the PC gamer so don’t go all soft on us 😛

    Cheers and thanks for bringing this event to Boston!

  5. EVERYONE must make sure to record crappy videos of their game, and then post it on youtube and Twitter (hopefully the bits wont be cut out)

  6. UGH! im busy friday! the thing is though I’m right in Connecticut
    I wanna play it!
    oh well, theres always May 17th right?

    that or just pop em’ up online through amazon or something for 5-20 bucks.

  8. Great event guys! The game is amazing (even tho it was a dev build) and the whole place had an awesome vibe. Meeting the devs was great…really cool dudes.

  9. I’d like a mask like that on the picture. I would pay for it. I tried making my own, but quickly found that linen wasn’t very well suited. So give me a heads up if you plan to sell these as a promotion.