Brink Mega Roundup

Brink made a huge splash (pun intended) at recent stops in LA, NY, and parts of Europe. We already covered off on some coverage last week (as has Splash Damage on their site), but there’s plenty more to share. To get started, watch the GameTrailers video (above) with the game’s creative director, Richard Ham.

Elsewhere, Lee Bradley of recently played the game, and it sounds like Splash Damage’s goals for the game spoke directly to him. Here’s a snippet of his preview:

“Because the truth is, an FPS hasn’t had me that intrigued for a long time. Perhaps it’s timing, perhaps its design or maybe it’s just the infectious energy of the development team. They know they’re onto something good. Brink could be very special indeed.”

We’ve only scratched the surface on the new coverage. After the break, find out why Destructoid claims the game “truly looks to have something for everyone” and more.

And more at these sites…

Look for more on Brink in the coming days (PAX East) and weeks leading up to its May 17th release.

Reader Comments

  1. The idea behind this game is just amazing, Its exactly what I’ve wanted for years, this is easily one of the best games of 2011.

  2. Thanks for making this a pretty much camper free game.
    By the way I would be pleased if you putted up more maps on Brinks website features map thing, becuase we already know about Shipyard and Countainer city.

  3. lol @ Carl. No game is camper free. Camping is an integral part of all multiplayer shooters. Anyone who says otherwise is naive or ignorant.

  4. As an Offline gamer I have to thank Brink.

    Thanks for removing single player linear campaigns, for creating dynamic AI (ally and foe), for extensive player customisation outlet, for attention to art detail, and story; showing the War from multiple perspectives (i.e. multiple factions with complex moral alignments)

    Thanks for designing a game with a rich tactical focus, where a single player can feel like part of a bigger force, doing their job for the team that are not complete idiots. Thanks for emphasising movement rather than weapon attack stats.

    Though it is sad that I will not be able to play online (as is the games focus), I still feel that this is a game that finally gives offline players replay value, and treats them with respect since FPS’s are becoming more MP every year, giving offline gamers less and less content, or enforcing upon them predjucices. I am looking forward to 17 may.

    …But I really wished that Brink would have had splitscreen!!!