RAGE website refresh + plus a free mp3!

This morning we updated the official RAGE website — adding  an interactive panoramic tour showcasing numerous areas found within the game world.  The panoramic also features plenty of info on weapons, gadgets, and vehicles. And for your viewing pleasure, the panoramic includes plenty of new gameplay clips!

Additionally, we’re excited to provide a free mp3 of Mark Lanegan’s new track, Burning Jacob’s Ladder. The track was used in the Untethered trailer we released last month, and the song will also appear in full release of RAGE.

Reader Comments

  1. Thanks for the great song! Love the dark western full of spiritual damnation ambience about it. Conjures up images of Monolith’s BLOOD and the upcoming PRIEST movie.

  2. Very theatrical entertaining setup with the gameplay clips. Really shows the originality and completely different character of RAGE from other games. Reminds me of the amusement park style exploration of the 1990s story telling games FREAK SHOW and BAD DAY ON THE MIDWAY by The Residents. Love the sound and feel of the machine gun in the arena. The guy who runs Mutant Bash looks quite interesting. Wonder what his background will be like.

    RAGE looks to bring a new on the razor’s edge high quality standard just as DOOM did in the 1990s.

    Congratulations and thanks for bringing into being a website of wicked wacky weird wondrous ACTION!