Brink preorder bonuses in Europe detailed


We now have official details on where European fans can preorder Brink for their in-game bonuses. (For details on those bonuses, and US preorder info, check here.)

Click below for a breakdown of where you can find each pack in Germany, France, Benelux, Spain and the UK.


  • A DOOM & Spec Ops Pack is available to pre-order from GAME and Gamestation stores
  • The Fallout Pack is available to pre-order now from
  • The Psycho Pack is available to pre-order now from Amazon


  • Psycho-Pack: Amazon
  • SpecOps-Pack: GameStop
  • Fallout-Pack: Specialist Dealer of Trust in Germany, Austria and Switzerland


  • The DOOM pack is a GameStop pre-order exclusive
  • The Fallout pack is a Media Markt pre-order exclusive
  • The Pyscho Pack is availabel for pre-order through select independent retailers.
  • Spec Ops Pack is available as a pre-order at Blockbuster & Promo video.


  • The DOOM Pack is available to pre-order now from Bart Smit, Free Record Shop & Gamemania.
  • The Fallout Pack is available to pre-order now from Smartoys, Media Markt, Horelec, and Micromedia.
  • The Psycho Pack is available to pre-order now from, Fnac, PlayerOne & Hermans.
  • The Spec Ops Pack is available to pre-order now from Dixons, Dynabyte, Dreamland, Gameworld & FutureZone.


  • Le pack DOOM est maintenant disponible en précommandant le jeu chez Micromania.
  • Le pack Fallout est maintenant disponible en précommandant le jeu à la Fnac.
  • Le pack Psycho est maintenant disponible en précommandant le jeu chez GAME.
  • Le pack Spec Ops est maintenant disponible en précommandant le jeu chez Amazon.


  • Pack DOOM disponible al hacer la reserva en GAME.
  • Pack Fallout disponible al hacer la reserva en Gamestop.
  • Pack Psycho disponible al hacer la reserva en Fnac
  • Pack Spec Ops disponible al hacer la reserva en otras tiendas especializadas

South Africa

  • Specs Ops is a Kalahari exclusive
  • Pyscho Pack is a BT Games exclusive
  • DOOM Pack is a Take Two exclusive
  • Fallout is at Look & Listen, Exclusive Books, Animeworx, Zaps, and Top CD.

Nordic territories:

  • The Nordic version of Brink will be available with pre-order bonuses throughout the Nordic territories. The DOOM and Spec Ops bonuses will be offered exclusively for a limited quantity and only at launch.

Reader Comments

  1. Awesome! Been waiting for news of how to get the Psycho Pack in the UK! It doesn’t actually mention anything about the pack on’s pages though, which is a bit worrying. :s

  2. when will the actual game with add ons be available for pre-order? I’ve checked GAME, Gamestation and Amazon and it doesn’t say if the code is included with the game.

  3. Neither Game or Amazon are promoting these special bonus packs. Kind of a put off to pre-order from either retailer if they’re not explicitly saying the bonus packs are included within the purchase price.

    You might want to give them both a kicking Bethesda.

  4. I assume that the Steam pre-order bonus remains the “Spec Ops” pack?

    Cannot wait for this, it’s been a long time coming and glad it’s been delayed for polish 🙂

  5. You guys better not do this with Skyrim. It’s just a way of making people who were going to buy the game anyway have to choose which two of three slices of game content they have to miss out on.

  6. Actually, kinda tired of hearing so much about Brink… endless interviews, game play footage, hype… I’m actually not excited about it anymore. Is it just me or is there a real lack of Skyrim updates on the bethesda blog?

  7. Urgh, I hate these exclusive pre-order bonuses. So if I want two of these packs I have to pre-order two full games? Screw that. Also, why is the DOOM pack not available in Germany 🙁 ?

    @Alex briggs: Er … check the release dates. Brink will be released in less than three months. Skyrim however — almost eight months left. Of course they aren’t giving out that much information yet. Actually I was surprised that they showed some gameplay this early.

  8. I need to know something about this content and I would like a honest answer considering I have been looking forward to this game for months. Will this content remain exclusive or will you be later putting it up on the games representative marketplaces as additional DLC? There are many game studios out there who provide a Limited editions or “Unique” content for select stores and than sell it a few months later *Cough* THQ *Cough*. I just want to make sure, considering there is more than one pre-order bonus I want and don’t wish to end up in a online bidding war for another content code. Thanks for reading.

  9. what i hope you do i as well as having the bonuses free with the game, also have it as (cheap) purchasable dlc

  10. My local store ( here in Sweden (Nordic territories) did previously just contain the FALLOUT DLC, which I at the time wanted since I didn’t know about the other DLC’s.
    Later, I was torn between the Psycho and Black Ops DLC but I wanted the DVD version of the game (not Steam since it actually would cost me about 11Euros more).
    But, to my surprise, it will contain both Black Ops as well as Doom DLC. It does however seem that Fallout and Psycho has fallen out of our grasp, which is a shame. Those two DLC’s would have been a good duo for a different company to sell.
    Overall I’m happy, even though, I did order the Psycho version instead of Black Ops. Low price and two DLC’s to boot. Thx ;D

  11. Considering I am still waiting for a reply on my last question, I now have a new question to ask along side it. I just noticed that happens to have a new alternate image to the Psycho pack compared to the other websites. This Psycho contains a very sub-par version of the Grin Mask unlike the intimidating original and instead of the Soda Can Silencer, it has a “Parang Machete” which certainly surprised me. Is this a mistake on’s behalf since it looks more like concept art or has the original pre-order images not been updated yet? For those of you interested: Original (Hopefully Correct) Pre-order: / New (Hopefully False) Pre-Order:

  12. After messaging the uk amazon they told me I had to order the game through ? And there is still no notification about what content comes with the game. It’s going to start damaging sales!

    Thank you for contacting us at

    I understand that you wish to purchase this item “Brink”.

    I have checked our website and currently we do not offer any promotional codes for this item.

    However, I have checked our partner website and can see that they offer ‘Psycho Pack’ for this item.

    If you wish to purchase this item in, you’ll need to contact Customer Services who will be able to help.

    Some response from you would be appreciated.

  13. Thank you very much for the replys, good to know that you guys arent taking us for a ride with these pre-order offers… Now I have to panic about the lack of Special Edition and find out a way to somehow get all four DLC codes. Ha-ha.

  14. “Sorry Demut, the DOOM pack is not available in Germany”

    I already knew that which is why asked for the reason (!) of this circumstance. I don’t see what could possibly be responsible for that.

  15. Hello, Amazon France says they never heard about pre order bonus.
    So, no bonus for me or french people with Amazon 🙁
    Why ???? Please !!!

  16. this is awesome, how ever i rater get items 1 by 1, i dislike packs as it limits customization, i like to make my character super unique… i wonder how much permanent items will cost ?! will i be able to afford it ? and i really hope they permanently available and not just rentals

  17. I am a fallout fan, so i ordered here in the US at best buy to get the fallout pack. It sucks that it doesn’t come with a special gun like 2 of the others. I would also like to get the psycho pack, but i would then have to pre-order another game. I’m gonna have to try to buy one on ebay i guess. Bethesda should really think about offering multiple after initial release. Everyone who buys the game may also spend an extra $5 or so on another pack. I the retail chains should have no problem with this since it will be released after the pre-orders are already out. Only con is that it would ruin the fact that only certain people will have certain weapons.

  18. you pay £40 for a game and dont get all the content as its split between retailers awsome!!!
    would be nice if all this pre-order bonus content was just available in the game you buy rather than only getting one of the three. But I guess its more money for the publisher via the retailers and less content for the consumer.

  19. hi
    I live in the UK so if i preorder from game or gamestation do i get both the spec ops and the doom pack or just one of them??

  20. @MeandBrink, got some South Africa details…

    Specs Ops is a Kalahari exclusive
    Pyscho Pack is a BT Games exclusive
    DOOM Pack is a Take Two exclusive
    Fallout is at Look & Listen, Exclusive Books, Animeworx, Zaps, and Top CD.

    Hope that helps