Zenimax Online Studios opening customer support office in Ireland

Being the week of St. Patrick’s Day, I can’t think of a better time to announce our company’s expansion into Ireland. In a press release today, we’ve announced that ZeniMax Online Studios plans to open a customer support center in Galway, Ireland. The new support center will provide support for ZOS’ upcoming (and still unannounced) massively multiplayer online game.

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Galway, Ireland Home to ZeniMax Online Studios’
European Customer Support Center

March 15, 2011 (Hunt Valley, MD) – – ZeniMax Online Studios, a ZeniMax® Media company, announced today plans to open a customer support center in Galway, Ireland. The Company’s new facility will provide customer support for players of their future massively multiplayer online games and is expected to result in the creation of hundreds of jobs over the next several years.

Under the leadership of industry veteran Matt Firor, ZeniMax Online Studios was founded to create online role playing games. Overseeing the global customer service initiative at the studio is Rich Barham, Director of Customer Support, whose leadership will foster the growth of the operation. Prior to joining ZeniMax Online, Barham, formerly with Blizzard Entertainment, was a major contributor to the management of in-game support needs, customer care, and retention for World of Warcraft and was a key team member setting up customer service centers for North America and Europe.

“Today’s announcement marks an important step for us,” said Matt Firor, president of ZeniMax Online Studios. “We are excited to be building an experienced team, led by Rich, which will focus on providing superior customer support for our games. Galway has world-class educational facilities, is a beautiful place to work and live, and offers a wide variety of benefits for our employees. Our ability to provide superior customer service for our future products is firmly on track.”

Support from IDA Ireland, the Irish Government inward investment agency, and other local entities, as well as the country’s thriving customer support industry, were critical elements in selecting the Galway location.

Welcoming today’s announcement, IDA Ireland’s CEO, Barry O’Leary, said “ZeniMax Online Studios’ decision to locate its European customer services operations in Galway acknowledges Ireland’s delivery of services’ excellence in the digital media sphere and its position of strength in the global gaming industry. They are a very welcome addition to a cluster of companies across Ireland in a sector which is witnessing rapid growth. IDA Ireland’s strategy blueprint, Horizon 2020 recognizes the global growth in services and today’s announcement by ZeniMax Online further embeds Ireland’s reputation as a European digital capital.”

For more information about ZeniMax Online Studios, visit www.zenimaxonline.com

Reader Comments

  1. And what exactly will they be supporting? Zenmax online was announced years ago; I’m still waiting on a game. I know you guys will eventually put out something that pushes gaming to the next level, but in the back of my head I cant help but think that Zenimax online is the next Duke Nukem forever…

  2. Co-op would be great. If they re-released Oblivion in Co-op mode, it would be a huge seller. I would caution the multi-player modes as it draws out many glitches (ie. the Call of Duty series). However, Red Dead Redemption has an adequate free roam multi-player engine. Good Luck ZeniMax and Semper-Fi

  3. Please do not make the Elder Scrolls a MMORPG maybe online capable but not where you have to play with a bunch of douches!!! Heck local area connection or you can join friends parties or something?

  4. @ All the unbelievers, naysayers, purists, agoraphobics, technical pessimists, preisolated fear mongers and general conveyors of buzz-kill: ZeniMax Online Studios will breathe into The Elder Scrolls series a life of its own. No longer will the journey be comprised of one PC and three thousand NPCs. Think ten million PCs spawled out over 50 realms, and a Scamp so freaking ugly and overpowered that the 10-man wipe crew you picked up before rollover spends 11 hours screaming at the healers and mages until finally you loot something shiny and are on the verge of divorce. I love the smell of virtual burnt scamp skin one hour late for work and working on a 29 hour polygonal hangover. Don’t you just crave that total immersion? That feeling of escape, that joy of your hobby becoming a social outlet rather than just an AI witch stealing your pants? The offline series will continue until we see Arena 2, a full circle. The emergence of an MMO spin-off will only bring more fans to the original format and more demand for lonely dungeon delving, fed-ex quests, NPC mass murder, and 100% claim to all the phat lewt. Zenimax Online Studios FTW! 🙂

  5. Awesome news, ever since I played Oblivion I thought this would make an awesome MMORPG. It is long overdue and hopefully will take the game to the next level.

    For those who don’t want an MMO just don’t play it, I see it as Bethesda continuing on making the single player version with Zenimax Online developing and maintaining the MMO. Shouldn’t really effect you in any way, so don’t worry let us have our Elder Scrolls Online.