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  1. Lllllloved the first? prey so much because of the biomechanic atmosphere, it looked disgusting and sick but it still intruiged me so much. FINALLY a sequel!!

    And bioshock is another favorite of mine yes..

  2. can u please just give us the trailer without needing Facebook. we dont all have it u know.
    Oh and….Skyrim gameplay demo video plz!!!!!

  3. Yeah .. Ive been seeing this more and more .. I don’t know if companies are trying to be trendy and only use facebook.. or if facebook is pushing it on them .. But there are plenty of people like me out there who are actively against facebook and the way they are changing the social platform.

  4. bethesda when will you release the oblivion plug ins for ps3? you stated you were trying to in 2007. i think 2011 is over due by quite a bit. i got tes oblivion for ps3 in early 2009 and there still hasn’t been any news on IF they even will come out. you make the plugins for the crap-box 360 but refuse to make them for the system that’s actually good.