Happy 5th Anniversary, Oblivion!

While many of you (and us) are looking ahead to Skyrim’s release (t-minus 236 days), today marks an opportunity to look back at its predecessor, Oblivion, which released five years ago today.

Have a favorite Oblivion memory? Whether it’s from pre-launch, launch day, or the countless hours you played and modded the game, share them with us in the comments section.

Reader Comments

  1. if i tell everithing ……..ill never get out of here,but i tell you its the best game i ever played !!! the oblivion world ,the expansions of the game ,weapons and armors,everithing ,it was everithing so cool!!

  2. I’ll never forget finding a little farmhouse where I met a lone farmer tending his crops, with a grave sitting quietly behind his meager home, nestled under the shade of the trees. I’ll never forget speaking to this farmer, only to learn that his beloved wife had been murdered by goblins when he had left home to tend to other business, unable to return in time even though he could hear the screams, then asking me to retrieve a trinket that the filthy beasts had stolen from her, something to remember her by. And I’ll never, ever, ever be able to forget taking up Volendrung and caving in the skulls of every goblin in that cave.

  3. I remember when I was showing my friend Oblivion we were trying to make the most ridiculous looking character we could and we ended up making this fat clown-beast. I then went to the toilet and when I was gone he must have created a copy of my character, because when I started getting underway in the tutorial, I was attacking a rat and then a fireball came out of nowhere. I stood perfectly still looking into the abyss of this dungeon and I thought I saw a person, but I subconsciously thought it couldn’t be because one, it was not moving and two, it was MY tutorial. Moments later I felt the need to glance back and I was scared half to death when I saw a naked clown staring at me right in the eye, covered in darkness like some bad horror movie. Me and my friend spent about 10 minutes just laughing at this too-good-to-be-true positioning of the character. I could almost picture the clown saying “Why hello there, James…”

  4. Having a bounty of over 800,000 and killing a huge amount of guards in every city until i had thousands of keys. Eventually i went to jail, and my character was in there for over 4 years of in game time :L

    Also, spending hours finding nightshade to get rid of vampirism and then going into a sewer about 10 minutes after losing it, just to get infected again.

    “Sanguine my brother”

  5. “Here? Right here? What about, say… over there? No? Right here? All right then, you’re the Grand Champion! Whatever you say!”

    annoying fella.. hehe

  6. It sounds soppy, but my favourite memory of oblivion. Has to be standing at ‘cloud top’ just before dawn (game time) & watching the view as the sun comes up. There is a time just before the sun is fully in view, that makes Cyrodiil look like a living breathing oil painting. From comments I’ve left on other sites, a lot of people agree. As much as it’s a great game, it also has a true artistic quality to it.

  7. I remember waiting for the GOTY on 360 because I didn’t have a decent gaming PC at the time. When I got home I downloaded all of the available DLC (I had around 400 hours on MWind at this point, so I knew it would be money well spent) and found myself attracted to The Vile Lair more than anything else.

    I ended up becoming a vampire, sending my minion to do all my evil bidding and bringing the lair to its former glory. I must have spent around 120 hours playing as an evil vampire ranger/assassin, with max infamy and an allergy to the sun (vampirism kept at just the point where sun still does a lot of damage).

    It was one of the most epic roleplays I’ve ever become enthralled in. I hope you bring Vampires and Werewolves back in Skyrim!

  8. My most favorite moment of TES Oblivion was when i first got my madness armour completed and then i went to dive rock and watched the sky.

  9. 1) Murdering guards at the Arcane University for their weightless hoods.
    2) Enchanting those hoods to damage health.
    3) Sneaking into barracks and leaving the deadly hoods in the inventory of various legionnaires.
    4) Watching them get up, walk to their patrol and then die in the middle of the street.

  10. My favorite moment has to be when i first got out of the newbie dungeon, and saw the amazing atmosphere….it freakin astounded my mind and heart, so thats when i realised i HAD to mod the Hell out of the scenery,trees,water,clouds,moon etc. I spent countless times modding this and that to get the Ultimate Expreience of what i desired; i even had some help with some other mods from other users positng it on fourms and websites. and with 1GB (x2) video cards i knew i had to go beyond the limit, i then played the game again from the beginning, and just looking far away, into the clouds, enjoying the view, thats what my favorite memory was. then downloading custom quests and other fun stuff from other fellow modders made the game the best thing ive ever layed my eyes on… I know skyrim is coming out, and it will be some time before i can actually get to modding the actuall enchancement of the game, but when i get the chance…man…i seriously cant wait…..

  11. After over 500 hours into this game, my favorite moments are still the first time you exit the sewers, and the first time you near an Oblivion Gate (or Kvatch). Upon leaving the sewers you get your first glance at the world that you are going to living in, and get lost in! And the first time the skies glow blood red… just awesome.

    But the first time you crit an arrow into an unsuspecting enemies skull from a loooong ways off is one of the most satisfying moments i have ever felt.

    Gods, I can’t wait for Skyrim.

  12. I like oblivion, but when skyrim comes out i will most likely sell my game of the year copy. ive got to admit though, i will miss trying to 100% the achivements( by the time skyrim comes out, i will probly acomplish).

  13. I would have to say, my favorite thing about oblivion is just the ability to explore any time you want. Besides that, I enjoy jumping from roof to roof to evade the guards. Even though the jumping is quite unrealistic, I think it makes the game better. So many other games I will see that high up ledge but I can’t get to it. I hope that aspect of the game hasn’t been taken out in Skyrim.

  14. hi, i am spanish and i friked out when i saw the game the first time in a friend´s house……. was awesome

    it is my favorite ps3 game and i play it a lot of time and i have proved all its characters

    my most special moment in the game was the battle of bruma and when i became in the new champion of the arena

  15. I couldn’t remove this game from my pc for 5 years. i like this game very much and i have finished the game so many times.
    I like to thank bethesda for making this game that gave me good memories from it.
    I have waited for Skyrim since i finished Oblivion for first time!

  16. planning to steal the bible of the deep ones with a friend and unraveling the mysterie of Hackdirt was one of the most fun experiences i ever had in a videogame. Oh yeah and i enjoyed the hell out of the dark brotherhood and thieves guild!

  17. Five years ago, wow! I got Oblivion on release day and a friend knocked over my xbox thus putting a massive ring in the disc. I think it was almost a month before he could come up with a replacement… that is my worse memory.

    As far as my best memory, it would have to be stepping out of the sewers for the first time. I was a virgin to the Elder Scrolls series at the time a had no idea what I was getting into! LOL! Over the first couple dozen gameplay hours I simply explored the world. I knew that it was an ‘open world’ game but for some reason I guess I couldn’t believe it, so I ran everywhere, I mean f* everywhere. From one corner of the map to another.

    It took some time to settle in but is still a great game to play, I’ve always thought you guys made a great balance between the FPS and a RPG! Hell, now that I’m all reminiscing I think I’ll go play it right now! Looking forward to the next five years of the Elder Scrolls universe!


  18. Being told by pirates I wasn’t allowed on their boat….so I went round the back, jumped like a ninja onto the captain’s balcony, picked the lock and proceeded to loot the place. And then finish by taking a swan-dive into the sea from the same balcony.

    Not so jolly now, Roger!

  19. Definitely that one time when the Bleak Mine guards stood waiting for me inside the citadel of an oblivion gate. As soon as I entered, they attacked. Later on, after killing them and removing the sigil stone, I return to the normal world. At the exact moment when the gate closed and “exploded”, the bodies of the both guards came flying out of it in a long, perfect arc. So much fun 🙂

  20. I have played literally thousands of hours on Oblivion. A couple years back, one of my characters went into Chorrol and confronted the Mythic Dawn spy, Eugal Belette. He immediately cast his armor spell and started fighting me. The guards joined in the fight. One of the guard’s arrows missed him and hit a townsfolk. This started a fight like I had never seen in a game. The townsfolk attacked the guard. The guard and his buddies fought back. The guards were slaughtering the townsfolk while I stood back and watched the chaos. Half of the town was dead and a few guards were killed also. Completely unbelievable. Vive la revolution!

  21. Taking a stolen staff (way too powerful for my level) into oblivion and literally blasting a storm atronach so hard that i could not locate his body anywhere.

  22. Testing out a new spell in Leyawin City Barracks. Proving that even if you’re on a counsel and not PC you can still become a god. I shot up a spell Drain health 100% for 2 Seconds in 50 feet on Target, Weakness to magic 100% for 2 seconds in 50 feet on Target, Resist Magic 100% for 2 seconds on self. Everybody but me died. It also kills lots of daedra that don’t have spell absorbtion and I’m at lvl 32.

    One of my earliest memories was crying when Lucien Lachance died. I was so mad.

    I still play Oblivion as as of this post, have 3,616 saves.

  23. I have a number:

    Executing the Adoring Fan
    M’aiq the Liar
    Every guild was amazing. Getting into the thieves guild for the first time was really exciting and the dark brotherhood was the greatest thing ever.

  24. I know this is predictable, but the awesome fight at the end is one of my favourite ‘supposed to happen’ moments.

    There have been many things, however, that are just as good, if not better, and have happened almost completely spontaneously. Such as this one time a timber wolf attacked me, then a bandit came over and kicked its ass, while I happily ran away from both :D.

    Honestly, there are way too many things about Oblivion that I love, even in any one area, to put into a single comment (or even an A4 page or two – It would probably go into double figures).

  25. Best part is when I paralyzed Hieronymus Lex and all his limbs collapsed and stretched into a blob on the floor, and 2nd place goes to the time when I killed everyone in the Imperial Market District, got about 200k bounty, no Console Comands used 😀

  26. I remember many things fondly from Elder Scrolls IV. The “And Then There Were None” quest which resonated even more having been in And Then There Were None. The many trails of guard bodies I left behind as the Grey Fox. And my trophy collection with something from nearly every quest in most of my homes, all themed:
    Fighter’s Guild quests in Battlehorn
    The Dark Brotherhood in Deepscorn Hollow
    Mage’s Guild in Frostcrag Spire
    and Thieves Guild in Dunbarrow cove
    Every other major quest went to my house in Skingrad.

  27. My favorite memory is the fact that I have played over 5 characters, all of them with at leats over 30 hours of gameplay, each time with little (and sometimes big) mods that allow me to enhance the already great gameplay. If I take a closer look at my favorite memory then specifically it would have to be installing the Alternative Start mod and mage RP related mods, starting from the bottom all the way up to Archmage (then back to Master Wizard) and then as a powerful wizard having a vision about the emperors death which starts the main quest at last, then riding hastily to Weynon Priory in search of Jauffre.

  28. I… i have no words about Elder scrolls, i am its big fan… Morrowing was really fun, Balmora was my favorite city on Morrowind.

    But the province of Cyrodiil when the gates of oblivion openned and the fersome daedra swarms our beautiful province, the hero of Kavatch the person from Uriel septims dreams, Closed the gates and he fought agains the daedric prince of destruction mehrunes dagon and the dovahkiin ( Dragon Born) Martin Septim defeated dagon forever…

    And now the hero live the rest of its life in peace in a house not far from the imperial city, on its house the walls he has the weapons and trophies he found on his adventures…

    Many memories of Oblivion makes me cry… i remember the first time i killed a Xivilai and the first time i assassinated someone for the Dark Brotherhood.

    i still have my first game character saved he was an imperial male Knight Good and Strong!

    Thanks bethesda

    NOW ENTER DOVAHKIIN in the lands of SKYRIM!!! a new history and hours of exploration and new memories until Elder Scrools VI =D

  29. A Very Happy Birthday! Since the Word about Skyrim comming out I’ve started playing Oblivion on a regular basis again! I never really stopped playing it but now I am committed to improve my skills! I’m actually alittle scared..”Alot Scared”..I’ve seen the Videos..Amazing! Beyond Amazing!!!! I am so very happy that Bethesda has always been interested in what their Fans had to say. The TES Construction Set has enabled the talented Modding Community to do amazing things. All in All Happy Birthday!

  30. My favorite part of the whole game was trying to collect every weapon, piece of armor, scroll, and potion possible, because i felt i did not want to miss out on any of the wonderment of how bethesda made all this.

  31. My favorite memories:

    Getting acrobatics to 100 and jumping up onto cheydinhal’s city wall which caused a cool looking bug where npc’s got super stretched out

    Jumping up on a building in bruma and killing endless guards and villagers for hours

    Enchanting all my items to camoflage 100% then doing anything i wanted to anything without a chance of someone killing me.

    Walking into a vampire infested cave thinking that there were vampires that would pop out of the coffins. I used a fireball on every coffin and thought i was killing them because i would find vampire ashes in most of them.

    The sheer stupidity of the guests in that dark brotherhood quest where you have to kill everyone in the house who thinks there is a treasure.

    Finally chasing down and killing the courier who speedily rides his horse between cities.

    Shooting the imperial guards wandering roads from reeeaaally far away while sneaking so that they would freak out, get off there horse, run somehwere then walk back to their horse and continue on as normal because they had no idea where i was.

    Getting ridiculously accurate with my bow from really far away.

    Having to collect hard to find ingredients when i got expelled from mages guild

  32. Improving everyone of my skills, I was obsessed to reach level 100 in every skill before starting to do a quest, at least major quests. I really loved oblivion, the hours I spent in oblivion are even more than the ones I spent in al of my other games. I remember when i was trying to get garridan´s tear and I didn´t see them because they were the same colour as the floor or when I used to enter an oblivion gate and spent hours seeing what I may find in there…

  33. My Favorite memory wearing 100% chameleon and going on a rampage through every city with nothing but my fists

  34. there are far to many experiances to tackle……. love the fact that oblivion is still my favorite game to this day! i loved building my extravagant house full of varla stones, gems, mothers head, every special quest item, and sooooo much loot and just being able to make a room absolutely epic. and though no one but my friends (in this case friend) can bask in the ambiance of it, theres just something about continuing to enhance the abandoned manor.
    also the fact that its the only game that i have made multiple accounts for offline, like you scroll through my xbox screen and you get to the o’s and it says oblivionarcher, oblivionboss, oblivionbmage, oblivionbluntorc, oblivionlame, oblivionquick, oblivionspells, and of course the original account i made without any oblivion whatever. each of those accounts has 10+ hours, and oblivionbmage has 290hours haha, but oblivion archer has 411 hours i’m all like f**k theirs still more to do haha. seriously bethesada you guys managed to make the best 1p rpgs in exsitance.
    you will continue to hold that title forever, from morrowind to oblivion you guys make just the best all round igexperience!!! i have had a 24/7 erection sice i have heard of skyrim and lemme tell ya……nvm I LOVE YOU ALL keep making the best games on the face of the planet

  35. Nothing beats the memory of the first time.

    ‘Twas 5 years ago, my English was terrible back then and barely understood was “Race” means, somehow managed to create a(very ugly) High Elf, who ended up as a Warrior with The Mage birthsign!

    I remember the first hours of playing I would get lost in the Imperial City, try to open some door and steal something, first guy I pick pocketed was a Sleeping Imperial Guard, item was a Silver Longsword… Hahaha, unforgettable.

    Anyways, Thanks for being the most awesome game for me, Oblivion.

  36. 120 feet rage lv 25, fortified strengt and health in the Imperial city… good times

    and also the first time you inter the dark brotherhood’s place, you know just that creepy voice saying ”Welcome Home” with 5.1 surround sound! uhuh you gotta love it!! ^^

  37. My favorite part of Oblivion was finding the hundreds of thousands of ways to kill the adoring fan 🙂 I’d give one of my testicles to play Skyrim right now.

  38. A buddy of mine gets the “great sigil stone” from the great gate and figures its gotta have way better enchantments than a regular sigil stone right? So he spends 6 hours beating up marauders and bandits looking for a daedric sword because “it was the only sword that deserved a great sigil stone”. When he finds it at 5 in the morning and enchants it THEN he realizes its no different. But finding out that there were 6 hours of bandits to beat up was pretty awe inspiring.

  39. My favorite moment was when i sold a robe that I had enchanted with fire damage to a merchant a the jewelry store in the imperial city just to get money. I came back a few days later to sell some rings i had and the idiot actually put it on, and after a while he died and I stole everything in the store and sold it FREE MONEY!!!!!!

  40. I have so many memories of this game. I have been an avid Elder Scrolls fan since Daggerfall, my first real RPG. I do admit Daggerfall annoyed me greatly but I loved the lore, the gameplay and the whole theme.

    With Oblivion, I was so amazed by pretty much everything. In the starting dungeon, I remember exploring every inch of the place and trying out every key. Then to go out and see the sun, it felt good. It felt like freedom and I just ran out and set about exploring.

    Once I’d done that, the main quest line is very entertaining. I was frustrated when I couldn’t save Baurus from the cult despite my best efforts to and the defence of Bruma was truly inspiring. I’d really wanted him there to witness the defence, and then I realized that if such a game can make me want the characters alive, rather than dead, and for reasons that aren’t purely ‘I need another person to soak damage’, then it’s good 🙂

    I have had hilarious moments too. I managed to one-shot a goblin onto his own trap, knock bandits off ledges and face-stab an ogre, so high was my sneak ability. It can’t have been nice to to have felt that rancid breath on my character’s face.

    Some of the best scenic moments are when it gets to sun up or sun down. Quite often I’d ride out and get to a high place to view the sunsets or the sunrise. It was very beautiful and I avoided fast travel deliberately to see the scenery at various times of the day.

    Ach…. So many memories. Too many to record. But if it wasn’t for Elder Scrolls, I’d never have been into games at all, so for this I am very very grateful 🙂 Happy anniversary, Oblivion!

  41. My favorite Oblivion Moment… Making a suitable character of each race. I did that one summer as a joke and found out that it was probably one of the coolest video game moments i have ever experienced. Sifting though the loading screen and seeing all my characters. I felt accomplished.

  42. Trying to cure VAMPIRISM!
    I couldn’t do this for days and became extremely frustrated. That actually made me quit the game for a while. But then I realised I was missing out. I became determined to cure vampirism and after countless hours, I finally accomplished it and realised how stupid I was.
    Great game, can’t wait for Skyrim. 🙂

  43. Woot! Still remember the day I went to best buy to buy this, then made a return trip to upgrade my video card.
    My favorite memory was playing a dunmer assassin through the Dark Brotherhood line, on the quest in Bruma featuring a crawlspace and an…accidental death by mounted by minotaur head. I snuck in through the basement, made it to the crawlspace, waited…used a detect life spell, and watched him die as I pulled loose the mounted head. Then, seeking the bonus, attempted to get past his Nord guard. Having a blackjack from a mod, I snuck to the balcony, jumped off with blackjack raised, and smacked that snowman on the back of his head, rendering him unconscious. Then, I simply walked out the front door. Epic!

  44. Pushing the adoring fan to the edge of dive rock and telling him to get lost. Beyond priceless, I almost feel I should have paid Bethesda more for the privilege.

    The many glitches and bugs that gave me so many laughs. E.g The wood elf would-be Knight of the Nine somehow eternally following me as he “Went to fetch his equipment” or some such.

  45. I don’t care that no one’s going to read this comment. This is for me.

    Oh man, I just finally finished the main quest; I’d been saving it for years because I didn’t want the game to ever end…. My favorite memories, Bethesda?

    Entering the Arena for the first, and beating it all the way through before I did any other quests.

    The whole Dark Brotherhood segment of the game. D***, those quests were so good!

    Stalking up the spiral paths in sigil tower after sigil tower, even if it got old towards the end of the game.

    Riding Shadowmere over the bridge to Imperial City.

    Swimming to the entrance to Deepscorn Hollow…

    Running up the steps to Frostcrag Spire…

    This is truly one of the best games ever made. Thank you, Bethesda.