Happy 5th Anniversary, Oblivion!

While many of you (and us) are looking ahead to Skyrim’s release (t-minus 236 days), today marks an opportunity to look back at its predecessor, Oblivion, which released five years ago today.

Have a favorite Oblivion memory? Whether it’s from pre-launch, launch day, or the countless hours you played and modded the game, share them with us in the comments section.

Reader Comments

  1. My favorite memory of Oblivion was when i first got it and was so immersed that i sat down a hummed the theme song in the title menu for 30 minutes.

  2. Playing countless hours trying to find every last nook and secret in the game.
    The sense of wonder you got from the vastness of the world and all the small things you notice.
    The sense of achievement when you save Cyrodil from oblivion.
    One of the best games ive ever played
    bring on skyrim!

  3. Oblivion is my favorite game ever released after that I would say Morrowind I am a huge fan of The Elder Scrolls series and I am definitely buying their fifth anniversary edition because I dont have a copy for my ps3 yet only xbox so I need oblivion and with this coming out why the hell not. Oblivion was the best


  4. This was the game that got me into gaming played it countless times each one with something new, never get bored with it, still haven’t found a game that matches it. Will be waiting on the door on 11.11.11.

  5. I love Oblivion. I’ve played it these past five years, and for awhile, every day last year. My favorite quest was from the Dark Brotherhood faction, ‘Whodunit?’ I would save my game right before I was ‘locked’ inside the house, just so I could replay that quest over and over Again. <3

  6. When I pushed the guy off the stairs in shivering isles and him screaming AHH! All the way down i laughed so many times. I got a reward for just killing him was hilarious!

  7. Oh don’t get me started! Id have to say whenever I got the pc version and I first maxed out the graphics and freaked out inside, Then also when I figured out how to use the control prompt to cheat my way around hard missions in God mod hehehe 😀 and when I first entered the kvatch Gate freaked out.

  8. Kinda feel jipped no DLC and no Coin from the first collectors edition, I bought this copy to add to my collection of the original Collectors edition, but dissapointed the GOTY edition had more than this.

    the coupon was kinda gipp too, in order to save 10$ you HAVE to buy the strategy guide.

  9. I can’t forget the first time when I played Oblivion. It was in 2008, some 2,5 years after it’s release. I heard a lot of things, saw multiple screenshots, but when I finally started to play it was beyond all my expectations. I will not forget that friday in autumn 2008 till end of my life, nor insane amount of hours I have spent playing it. The most precious moment was when I went to wilderness for the first time after I spent couple of hours in the Imperial city as arena combatant.
    Still I haven’t finished all the tasks, let alone expansion packs. Thankfully life is long enough to finish Oblivion and then Skyrim… maybe long enough… 🙂 If after life exist and I can choose I would wanna definitely be born in Cyrodiil.

  10. what is my favorite oblivion memory?

    it must be all the hours i played it, and to see that wonderful AI in action. by far thats the reason. why i bought the 5TH anniversary edition. oh by the way you guys treat us fans is the reason why i cant wait for skyrim. keep up the great work and thanks for getting me in to RPGs again.

  11. My favorite memory is a tie between two: I loved it the first time I saw Martin turn into Akatosh and face Merhunes Dagon, completely epic! and the other would have to be The Shivering Isles and Lord Sheogorath 🙂 All of the people there were so strange, I friggin loved it!

  12. Favorite memory of oblivion is the knights of the nine ending battle, falling then trying to get his sword. watching the Imperial City from the sky. Pure Awesomeness

  13. invisibility, paralize, shock. running around self destructing myself. took me so long to figure that one out. there are so many little things I learn every time I play. dozens of characters, thousands of hours. I cannot wait for dual wielding. it should make the spell combos interesting. bring it on!

  14. I started The elder Scrolls series with MOrrowind, so ofc, I started to compare oblivion with it. I still miss the spears, crosbows and thrown weapons, but Oblivion is just one of the best games I ever played.
    Killing everyone when you’re disapointed, or just sniper with my bow…
    Anyway long live Oblivion