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  1. Hooray! (for doing this)

    Boo! (for me living in germany and not being able to pick them up)

    Thanks again to my government for protecting me of violent video games, as I’m not entirely shure if my 35yrs of life really prepared me enough for the photorealistic violence of Doom II.

  2. Now that your first New Vegas DLC is on sale, can we get some news on more DLC? I’m getting bored just waiting around…

  3. Woah! Thats great news about the update patch. Real happy to hear FALLOUT NEW VEGAS is still being worked on. Thanks for the happiness triggering info 😀

  4. hmm havent touched New Vegas since release

    hate to say it but after what I experienced with that game, I will never download content for it.

  5. I have trouble even looking at the Collector’s Edition I purchased from
    It’s frustrating when you love a game, But can’t and don’t want to play it because of Character glitches and even still some Hard freezes.. I think if a company puts out a game, EVERYTHING else should be put on hold until The game is in GREAT working condition.. not Okay Obsidian..