Now in stock: Shinji Mikami action figures

A new addition to our wares has been released today: the official Shinji Mikami action figure!

The fully-poseable figure of Tango Gameworks’ leader features “real shaving action” and button-activated space-launching. As the description reads: “The one-of-a-kind Shinji Mikami body stands approximately 6.5 inches tall and has over 250 moving parts. His naturally gentle smile contrasts with his grim workplace visage.”

Order yours today!

Reader Comments

  1. Cool……wait a minute…..*Checks date*…Hm it’s tomorrow…..but still…..You guys sure an early April’s fools isn’t on the table 😛

  2. I ordered 500, and now, thanks to the figure’s fantastical ever-growing beard, I’ve started a successful business selling wigs from it’s beard-shavings. Thanks Bethesda!

  3. But does the head come off?

    And in other news, I can’t believe you guys are shoehorning chainsaws into the spears category for Skyrim. It’s clearly more of a polearm, sheesh.

  4. @Demut

    It was already april 1st in Japan when it was still March 31st in the US.

    Since Zenimax has gone worldwide it still counts as a april 1st joke.

    Went to buy one, apparently the page doesn’t exist!
    Soo wanted a lifelike action figure for +$200 🙁