What’s New in Skyrim

IGN today brings us the latest Skyrim interview with Todd Howard, “The Elder Scrolls Evolved: What’s New in Skyrim.”

Todd discusses many facets of the project, including the game’s story, combat systems, $300 unicorns, and dragons. One of those things may not actually exist. To find out which, give the article a read over at IGN.

Update: Check out a slideshow of new Skyrim screens after the break.

Reader Comments

  1. Woah I’m still kinda confused but interested in the new live dialouge system.

    Does this mean its like Alpha Protocol where the dialouge will keep taking place if you wait too long?
    Or is it like everything in the background including other NPC’s are still walking around while your doing your conversation?

  2. I think its going to be more like Mass Effect with the NPC’s wandering behind you as you converse. I believe these are scripted instead of being ‘in game’ so I hope they dont follow that, it works but feels kinda cheap

  3. IGN: Can you ride dragons in Skyrim?

    Todd Howard: Not in the way you’re asking.

    Hmm. So you can’t literally ride dragons, but what could he mean:

    1. The Dragon rides you.
    2. You turn into a dragon and then fly yourself.
    3. Dragons are the new Silt Striders.
    4. Todd is riding us (joking us around like with the 100 dollars)

  4. @Brett

    I’m guessing the second part. Even the person you’re talking with doesn’t neccasarily drop everything he is doing, a smith continues to hammer the anvil and guest in a bar keeps drinking from the tankard. It’s often done on tv shows, the detective comes in talking to the man lying under the car busy repairing it. But I wonder if we will get walk-and-talks

    The dialogue will not continue. If you don’t ask them anything (by not clicking on them) they won’t continue the conversation. So technically you could walk out on conversations, I wonder if that will give you bad reputation with principal characters or that you can pick up conversations later without penalty.

    Let’s say you walk into a tavern. You want to speak to the barkeep (a principal character) who you have to ask about a ring. The barmaid (side character) is mopping the floor. At the table there are a few NPC drinking.

    You walk up to the bar and click on the the barkeep, he says “What can I do for you” while the maid keeps mopping, you select the “Ring” option. While the barkeep is talking you go sit on a stool. The barmaid keeps mopping while one of the guests burps and the other guest takes a bite out of a bread. When the barkeep finishes talking you click on him again so he continues with additional information. While he is talking the barmaid stops mopping and goes talking to the guests who sit drinking and eating.

    The barkeep finishes the conversation, you stand up to go outside, on your way to the door you walk past the barmaid who is coming back from her talk with the guests. You click on her and since she is not a principarl character you won’t get to choose the conversation. Instead she’ll talk to you about things like Rumors, Advice, Lore, Latest Hapenings (which can refer to an optional quest).(Whatever story she has available at the time is probably controlled by Radiant Story, so you won’t hear it three times in an hour). In her first sentence she probably says what her conversation will be about. If you want to know more you click her, if you’re not interested or you’ve heard the topic allready, you simply walk away from her and out of the tavern.

    Another problem is that if the world keeps going on, other conversations besides the one the PC is having are going to take place (like in my example the barmaid talking to the guests). Have they implemented something so that audio of that other conversation is turned down so it won’t distract you? In some cases in Oblvion it could get quite anoying when 4 or more NPCs were talking at the same time.

  5. Cool interview.

    Now I have a question of my own that I don’t expect to be answered:

    Will there be even more alchemy ingredients than in Oblivion?

    I’m saddened that no one is asking about the alchemy system of Skyrim.

  6. @ JvL

    Oo ok so heres another problem Im pretty sure we will run into with this new dialouge system. When we are talking to someone, since everything im guessing in the background continues as if you weren’t talking.. does that mean we have the chance of being interrupted by thiefs, animals, etc?

    I mean its certainly possible if this is how it works. But if that is what happens, i wonder if you return to the person for dialouge again.. if it picks up exactly where you left off or if you get new options about being attacked lol.

  7. Great new screenshots. The one with the warrior in the icy cold cave looks like a mega suped up version of a scene out of TES 2 DAGGERFALL. Sort of how some places in OBLIVION reminded me of the gane box art with screenshots of TES 2 DAGGERFALL.

    The new dialogue system sounds great and completely real world immersive. Wonder if i roll some apples in a npcs direction will they respond by picking them up etc in a similar version of dialogue.

    Cant wait to try out the new perk system which sounds very rewarding and motivating to continue improving ones character. Loved the perk system in FALLOUT 3. DRAGON AGE 2 also has a fun system.

    Great to see the Dragons in SKYRIM turned out so well they are going to be quite visible ingame.

    Thanks for the great read.

  8. @JvL…..Just to not make youfeel bad. It’s sexual innuendo. Note the word “ride.”

    Far as dialogue goes it’s not te Mass Effect wheel. Seems it’ll just flow as talking to someone in a 3rd person adventure game. More specifically they talk while doing actions, words are displayed below.

    Probably a smaller but similar show to L.A. noire.

    As in the response choices are on the roght corner and you press the corrisponding controller button.

    Personally, and Josh E. sawyer also holds this opinion, I find Deus Ex Human Revolution’s setup the best. For its genre makeup atleast.

    Skyrim will be fine.

  9. The more and more I read on this, the more it builds in my mind, and then I realise just how long it is until it comes out and then I die a little inside.

    Anywas, great interview, quite informitive, and I like that dual-wield will act individually (though I somewhat expected this, due to the prominent implementation of dual-wield in the CoD games)

    If what JvL theorized about the speech system is right, I’m all for it, real-time conversations will be cool, but a walk-along conversation ould be cool too, so I hope that happens.

    I hope perks are good, FO 3 and FONV had great perks for their games, so I expect just as much, if not more from Skyrim. (Please let there be some good perks concerning dual-wield.

    If anyones noticed, I like the dual-wield option.

  10. The carriages thing made my year! Better not be an April fools thing, and hopefully we can have other modes of transport that are paid as well. That would be awesome. Granted I’m sure modders could get that in if it’s only carriages to begin with.

    Yay Skyrim! I wonder if the comment-counts on this blog clue you guys at Bethesda in as to which of your franchises are most popular, hehehe.

  11. by riding a dragon it probably is while fighting.
    so in example you stick a sword in the dragons body, he flies aways, you fly with him because your holding the sword sticking in his body. In that way you not actually riding a dragon.