Sneak peek: Brink achievements unlocked

Brink is almost here — in fact, we’re nearly a month away from release. For us, that means it’s time to start showing off even more fun stuff, starting today with an early look at the game’s achievements.

The long list can be viewed after the jump. It reveals all sorts of interesting and amusing challenges, along with their corresponding Xbox Gamerscore and PSN trophy rewards. And for our valued PC gamers, we do have Steam achievements in the works — more on those later.

Click through to check out the achievements:

Reader Comments

  1. Really cool 😀 can’t wait for this game, Brink and Skyrim are possibly the only games i want right now.

  2. I don’t understand the ranks… are those like prestige ranks in Call of Duty? Other than that, I am very excited about this game

  3. The ranks are level brackets. So rank 2 is level 5-9(i think), and rank 5 is level 20. The heavy body is unlocked at level 5 and light at 7, and level 20 is max…so the achievement names make a little more sense when you look at them that way.

    hurrah for satchel charges!!

  4. Pretty killer, I’m with Joshua with the rank thing. I can’t seem to find anymore info on it. I’m ANTI COD and really looking forward to playing as a team again. Always a good time.

  5. cant wait te use a free flow system like smart in a fps, looks totally class. Cant wait, brink anthony def a defo. lol.

  6. I can wait for this game, ive been waitin for like 2 years and I know its gonna be awesome. After seein some of these achievements I just got more excited. Keep up with the new reveals Bethesda! 😀

  7. Awesome! Been looking forward to this game and Portal 2. Both pre-ordered.

    One small pet peeve on the Achievement List. I see this all the time but I WISH THE ACHIEVEMENTS WERE LISTED IN COLOR! Sorry, I just don’t get the whole thing with black-and-white achievement lists. Note, the trophy icons on each of the achievements listed here are in color but not the achievements themselves. What’s up with that?

    And, not that I am anticipating still playing much Team Fortress 2 (TF2) after this (or, possibly any other shooter anymore), I’m hoping my pre-order will get me some in-game items for TF2 like they have been doing with other games lately. LOL.

  8. lol, been following this game since i heard the whispers about it… all 4 copies preordered for bonus DLC on xbox 360. this game will be the best FPS ever and will hopefully kill the giant that is CoD (waste of time game imo) huge kudos to bethesda

  9. Man……these trophies look like a bit of a challenge……can’t wait to take them on!!!!!!!! ALREADY PRE-PAID ALL MONIES ON THIS GAME HURRAH!!!!!!!
    for anyone whose gonna be playing on PS3 my PSN is monpek check me out

    -Yes…..I’m aware

  10. Awesome, just hoe that they make som sort of stupid controls on PS3 or 360 like shooting with R1/RB instead of R2/RT.
    Im think I am gonna play as a light engineer in Resistance.
    See ya on da field guys!

  11. WOOO im am definetley gettin this pre-ordered this better own CoD or i will b sadly disappointed now comes the choice which pre-order pack leaning towards Fallout with Resistence torso vault boy is epic

  12. Really glad that all achievements (well all shown so far) are offline achievable, hate not being able to get the all because I cannot get home internet at current.

    Most shooters now have only difficulty related singleplayer achievements with some random “do this for a joke” ad hoc achievement. I’m glad that there is a mix between novice achievements and more expert ones.

    First time I’ve heard about “Star challenges” and “What if” missions, though. Hope ‘what if’ is player created matches, and I hope the Star challenges are like the “ACES” in Rainbox Six Las Vegas 2, that way offline singleplayer’s can appreciate them. But I’m open to surprises…

  13. Pre ordered for PS3. Im lookin for a group of team work oriented players to run this shit on release day

    My PSN is XxRico_08xX hit me up if youre down

  14. Rank 5 is the highest Rank but you only go up in Rank every 5 levels so your a lvl 20 character with Rank 5 Abilities. Lvl is how you unlock stuff and Rank is how you unlock abilties, If i understand it correctly.

  15. I just recently was granted the ability to run PC games well, and now I’m a Steam junkie, so I’m F5ing this page for updates every day!