Must See Morrowind Mod

Wanted to share this awesome Morrowind modding project, Morrowind Overhaul – Graphics and Sound, created by Kingpix and the rest of the Morrowind Overhaul Team. As the trailer shows, the mod dramatically enhances the video and audio for the game.

For more on the project, visit our official forums or the Morrowind Overhaul-specific boards, and download the mod here.

Reader Comments

  1. Modders another name for Miracle Workers. Stunning work revealing what MORROWIND may have looked like if it had been created this year. Time to give this a try alongside PumaMan’s ULTIMATE GIANTS mod 😀

    Thank you for this guiding sign post to happiness.

  2. This looks absolutely amazing! But aside form that, does anyone know the song(s) used in this vid? I love to play guitar and the rif in that sounds really good soo… The mod looks incredible!

  3. Totally awesome. This might be a stupid question but I wonder if the sound from the video is the new sound for the game because I LOVE Morrowind’s musical score and that would SUCK if in order to have this mod you’d have to give up that lovely original score…

  4. Man, if I could update my console version with this it would be worth playing again. Guess that’s the benefits of PC over console gaming, but still love the dedication of my consoles.

  5. Awesome. Anyone know what the system requirements are to run it? I’m about to go out and get Morrowind for PC just to try this out (I only have it for 360) but I gotta make sure my PC is good enough…

  6. Laurence–have you installed Natural Environments? It’s not this nice, but it is quite a good atmospheric mod for Oblivion.

  7. Installed this yesterday and i was amazed how easy and fast the install process was with everything being automated. It even bypassed installing certain things when it detected i didnt have a certain program on my computer. Very nice and intuitive. It was actually easier and faster installing this huge package then it would have been installing any of the individual mods by themselves.

    The mod itself is a visual work of art and execution with framerates that are silky smooth as if this was part of the original MORROWIND at masterpiece video setting 😀

    Ooo and those dungeons…

  8. Really good looking video and the sound is great too. It reminds me …I ought to dig that game out and play it again. That’s the one that got me started in all this stuff. Loved it no matter how many times I played it.

  9. [Tyler wrote on April 6th, 2011

    Does it upgrade the graphics for characters too? Just curious, I didn’t see any character models. ]

    Yes this marvelous work updates the characters with BETTER BODIES and from what i’ve seen its using improved textures then what was used in the excellent BETTER BODIES 2.2 version.

    Character faces am not sure about since i took the authors recommended suggestion in the readme of using WESTLY’S MASTER HEAD PACK v1.0 which is an amazing work and totally fits in with MORROWIND lore.

  10. I still have my saved games for morrowind, I did every single quest, except for the last one…I will install this, and this weekend I will wipe out morrowind of NPCs…I have been planning this for years…haha. This looks awesome, Morrowind is the best game ever created…

  11. Sweet baby jesus this is the same graphics as skyrim man i can’t play morrowind cause of the graphics but its worth playing with this