Must See Morrowind Mod

Wanted to share this awesome Morrowind modding project, Morrowind Overhaul – Graphics and Sound, created by Kingpix and the rest of the Morrowind Overhaul Team. As the trailer shows, the mod dramatically enhances the video and audio for the game.

For more on the project, visit our official forums or the Morrowind Overhaul-specific boards, and download the mod here.

Reader Comments

  1. Nice, I’m liking the weather and particle (presumably) overhaul.
    Best ES to date so worthy of it.

    Now get to work on doing the same to Daggerfall.

  2. wow, that’s impressive stuff for sure but i’m not sure my PC can actually run that haha.. and i think the lack of fog and orange-ness everywhere kind of takes away from the atmosphere

  3. Already told all my friends 🙂 everything in this mod is awesome, especiall Solstheim!

    What’s Morrowind’s replay value? It’s over 9000!

  4. Wow. Just wow. This is seriously impressive. I mean vanilla textures are a ok for me, but this is really lovely. It’s a good thing I plan on reinstalling Morrowind next month for my annual summer play.

  5. It looks beautiful. Its great to see such a great game brought right up to modern standards by the dedicated modding community. I really wish that Bethesda had replied favorably to my numerous internship requests, I’d love to work for them.

  6. Didn’t this mod get pulled once before for not asking all the original authors permission to release it ? o.O

  7. This looks wonderful! It’s great that there’s now a convenient compilation for many great mods. Although I already have a bunch of that installed, this would’ve made that whole process much easier, ha.

  8. OMFG, that looks amazing! I can’t even fathom how much time it’s going to take to finish that project. Congrats to those undertaking such an overwhelming thing.

  9. Alright Bethesda, pull a Counter-Strike and hire on these modders – then release this on Xbox Live for download. License to print money.

  10. Sweet! I just picked Morowind back up in hopes of finally finishing everything there is to do in it.
    Hopefully, now I can say goodbye to my half broken, overly modded, mad doctor abomination install that I’ve been using.

  11. As one of the original contributors to the Better Bodies project, I’m so happy to see my work in this mod. 🙂

  12. I downloaded a morrowind a few months ago with oblivion but couldn’t play it because of the terrible graphics. I’ll give it a crack now! Hopefully it is as satisfying as oblivion.

  13. Bethesda should do something like this to Arena, Daggerfall, Battlespire, and Morrowind including all the mods and release them for the 360.

  14. Alright who thinks that bethsda needs to remake morrowind with the engine they are using for skyrim?
    Other companies are doing this and i think they almost owe it to morrowind to show a true version of what it could have been…. no changing in script same play with physics and newly enchanced graphics and sound and this is a successful remake.

  15. Amazing, Morrowind was far FAR more captivating than Oblivion in terms of landscape. I will always say i preferred the landascape in morrowind. though oblivion had fewer bugs and was still a great game.

  16. I’m playing Morrowind with MGE and with Distant land on, at 1920×1200 res but I have to reduce the view distance drastically to get it playable (25 frames per second). This is with an AMD X2 6000+ and Radeon 4850.

    This Morrowind overhaul looks even better. Much better. So how on earth is it going to run properly on a medium comp like mine?

  17. This is an incredible pack and definitely deserves the recognition. The author got the permission from the creator of every mod in that pack. Kudos!

  18. This would be an awesome $20-30 release as a 2012 Morrowind “Director’s Cut” or something for the 360/PS3. Just sayin. 😉

  19. I would like to point out that this isn’t as much a mod, as it is a mod package. This is a collection of visual and audio mods by the (quite active) morrowind modding community.

    The great thing about this is that the setup and customization is so user friendly/easy to use. Kingpix and friends have made it easy for newcomers to modding to get their game up to 2011 morrowind standards.

    This is a great trailer. Bethesda/zenimax has made a impressive fantasy world, and the work that the modding community has done to expand on that is wonderful. I’m really glad that the 5th TES installment is to include an editor, and can hardly wait to get my hands on it.
    @Bethesda: Suggestion: If you include plugins with the editor for importing and exporting… modelling and texturing. . .

  20. Perfect timing! I was planning on starting my latest play-through of Morrowind tomorrow. I estimate that tomorrow’s play through will be my 10th time through the game.

    This has been my favorite RPG ever since I first played it in spring of 2003. Since then, I’ve played Oblivion, Gothic 3, DA:O, Fallout 1 through 3, Fallout New Vegas, DA2, and perhaps a few JRPGs thrown in, and none of these games have beaten Morrowind in my eyes. Thank you, Bethesda for creating this truly classic title :).

  21. Re-release Morrowind with this mod in effect as an Xbox original on Xbox live, and I guarantee I won’t be the only one who downloads it. Good god it looks gorgeous.

  22. @Slimebeast

    I’m still rocking an Athlon 64 x2 3000+ with a Radeon 5750, and it’s playable on my machine. Kingpix has an extremely detailed installation guide and a handy guide for customizing your set-up based on performance needs.

    Try it out, and be sure to pop in to the thread on the official forums if you have any questions — the team is surprisingly quick and eager to help out. 🙂

  23. Wow. I have thought about building a gaming rig for a long time and this just puts ants in my pants. I think I should just go ahead and do it, then install morrowind, oblivion, and get skyrim on the PC as well instead of Xbox.

  24. Nice work there from Kingpix and team,and all those modders who agreed to be included,good one.

    Simply stunning,compared to my own install some of this clearly beat my setup,others might be different on mine simpy because slightly other preferances from my part.
    Overall outstanding.

  25. I’ve been using this mod for a few weeks now and it really is as awesome as it looks. If you love Morrowind and you have yet to give this mod a try do so, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

  26. Stunning, and not time consuming/easy to install.
    Was going to check out tex replacers but now i gt it all in one piece.