Latest Brink gameplay video showcase Abilities

After previously showing off Brink’s guns and classes, the latest gameplay trailer is all about player abilities. Titled Ready and Able, the video shows off several of the many skills you can purchase for your character, mixed in with plenty of exciting in-game action. There are over 50 unlockable abilities in the game, offering up many different ways for you to specialise your character and build one that’s perfect for your preferred playing style.

Watch the video above or check it out on our official site for Brink.

Reader Comments

  1. That Molotov cocktail is interestingly acting like a small grenade or something.

    Last I checked Molotov’s coat their victims in flames….not blow them up instantly…….

  2. rad trailer! that looks like a lot of fun ways to mix up gameplay.

    except… at 0:14, i hope that’s just a cool gameplay shot and not implying that you need an ability to use a mounted weapon!

  3. i have been wating for this game forever because i see this game like battifeld heros + team fortress + mirroredge + counter strike + call of duty but one thing im so fraid of and will ruin the game on the long run , 1 you need have to shot 100 bullits on the enamy to kill him, and you can not kill enamy with 1 shot with sniper

    some game designers claim that is unfair for the noob if pro player will kill guy in one secound but the pro player most likle spend 2 to 10 houres a day playing the game and if you are playing with player in the same rank that you. then it´s ok if you can kill enamy in one secound.

    and with the sniper in brink the carecter can perantly move faster and can do free running
    i thenk it will bee really hard to hitt the players on the run. it would not be cool if you can not kill enamy with one shot kill.

    do any one knows ?

    and im sorry for my writing blindness and english is my secound language. :S
    best regards