Sneak peek at Prey 2

In the past couple weeks, we’ve kept everyone up to speed on where you can see preview coverage for Prey 2.

In the process, we’ve seen some comments focusing on what’s not in Prey 2. Between now and the game’s release next year, we’ll be sharing plenty of details on what’s in the game. For starters, we encourage you to read previews in OXM, PlayStation The Official Magazine, and other publications worldwide. And in the coming weeks, you can expect more previews, interviews, etc. online. Once that’s all out there, you’ll know more about what (and who) is in the game, and how it all relates to the original game.

We think you’ll be pretty excited about what Human Head has in store. Until then, we thought we’d share this screenshot and concept piece. Enjoy!

Reader Comments

  1. AWESOME! Can’t wait to see what you guys have planned.

    You know, back when the original was in development as a title that was meant to show off the power of the original Pentium MMX in ’95 under 3DRealm’s watch, there were two things promised that because of tech limitations never saw the light of day.

    The first was using the “portal” tech as a major component of multiplayer gameplay. I vaguely remember one interview where Paul Schuytema had promised users would be able to build their own unique worlds (servers) and players would be able to hop between them using portals.

    The other was a promise for heavily destructible environments… not to mention a promised score done by KMFDM.

    I mention it because it would be great to see some of the old “scraped” ideas that were abandoned due to technology hurdles (not just the two above), make it into Prey 2.

  2. I have waited since 2006 for Prey 2 as I still remember the game saying “Prey will continue…”
    Now that it’s finally here (after thinking of the game at least once a day, no jokes) I’m pretty disappointed by what I’ve seen so far.

    Really, the graphics don’t look great but I don’t even want them to be. Prey, for me, was all about the unique story that I have never seen before and probably never will again. But, I have to admit, for a 2006-game, Prey looked Amazing. I never played through a game that many times, I literally know all the vocals at all times.

    Anyways now that I remember the ending *spoiler* of Tommy going back to earth and standing in his rebuilt good old bar, and the character Elhuit comes in there, and says come with me to another planet , going through the portal and seeing a big “Prey will continue” I really was pumped. Until I saw that dude on the magazine cover, ripped straight from Gears of War. Then I heard there weren’t any portals and gravity-switches anymore (okay fine but I’d loved it if they would still be there), and I really REALLY got upset.

    The art looks amazing, the screenshot is Okay for an early game image. I’m sure Human Head Studio’s will patch it up and make it look great again, but I really hope they will resume the story which was so great and touching from the first Prey.

    “Once that’s all out there, you’ll know more about what (and who) is in the game, and how it all relates to the original game.”

    I can’t wait for that moment to come, I’m hoping I won’t be disappointed again ! I also hope somebody who has close contacts with Human Head or anybody related to them (or themselves) will read this and possibly take it into consideration.

    Thanks in advance for this wonderful upcoming release.

  3. Holy crap that cityscape is some of the most gorgeous concept art I’ve ever seen! Who’s the talent behind it? Give them a raise!

    From the sound of it, Prey 2 is going to be a sequel in name only. Considering the first Prey didn’t do very well, I don’t understand why they aren’t just making this a new IP entirely.