Weekend Update: New videos for RAGE & Brink at GTTV

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend. We’re here to make things even better with new videos for both RAGE and Brink — courtesy of GameTrailers.com. To get you started, watch their new video on RAGE’s weapons above. And at their website, you can check out a Geoff Keighley’s PAX East interview with Brink’s game director, Paul Wedgwood.

Elsewhere, check out news on our games at these sites:

  • 1Up discusses what they know and want from Skyrim
  • Props to our Marketing team for winning big at the MI6 awards. Our friends at AKQA received the gold award for Best Online Advertising for Fallout: New Vegas, while work for Brink received a Silver Award for Best Key Art.
  • Obnoxious Gamer includes Brink in their “Four Must-Have Games for the Xbox 360 in 2011”
  • RipTen interviews Splash Damage’s Paul Wedgwood and Ed Stern and brings along quadriplegic gamer Chuck Bittner. Learn how all three, especially Chuck, are big advocates of button re-mapping. It was great seeing Chuck have fun with Brink at PAX East. Watch the interview here.

Reader Comments

  1. that was a pretty neat Brink video, interesting stuff about the reduced (eliminated?) one-shot kills. the game really does look cooler the more and more i learn about it.

    the RAGE video was just ok. watchin’ stuff die, yay. the dialog-mode character looked really good, though.

  2. Rage looks good, from a video if that matters, I really want to see it in my computer.

    Brink is neat, colorful and dynamic, I know it will be fun to play.

    I want Fallout 3 again, please Bethesda, Fallout 4…

    New Vegas was more like an big add on… not another Fallout 3… I want to know NPC’s and care about, and search every centimeter of the map to search for unique and useful things.

    And remember the mod community.

  3. Weeell, I could have said this more nicely though.

    Apropos Brink, am I the only one who feels that Paul shouldn’t have reeled off his usual canned “The Ark is an immense artificial floating city” yadda yadda? I think the guy who interviewed him asked what is special about Brink gameplay-wise and not in terms of the story. You might want to pass that on to him. He should speak more freely and don’t recite the same sentences each time anew 🙁

  4. That be a mighty arsenal of killing weaponery. Love how some of them are similar to DOOM 3 weapons yet not exactly. Makes me ponder in wonder what it would be to see all the game universes of Id Software come together into one humongozoid game world. It could be the sci-fi fps rpg equivalent of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series 😀 😀 😀

  5. @buda I’m with ya buddy. I will def be picking up both brink and rage as they look great but really cannot wait for fallout 4. New Vegas just didn’t do it for me…it was fun a for a while but I just wasn’t a fan. Need more capital wasteland!