Steamworks feature set and system requirements for Brink revealed

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a surge of requests from the community asking about Brink’s PC system requirements. Today we’ve got those details PLUS information on how the game uses Steamworks. Lets start with the latter…

With the inclusion of Steamworks, players will have the following features…

  • Steam Achievements
  • VOIP (in addition to the already existing in-game chat)
  • Leaderboards
  • VAC (Valve Anti Cheat)
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Friends Support
  • Steam Cloud (for save data)

After the break, check out the game’s minimum and recommended system specs…

Minimum Specs

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz or equivalent
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA 8800GS / ATI Radeon HD 2900 Pro or equivalent
OS: Windows XP(SP3)/Vista/Windows 7
Hard Drive: 8GB of free space

Recommended Specs

Processor: Intel Quad Core i5
Memory: 3GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 / ATI Radeon™ HD 5850
OS: Windows XP(SP3)/Vista/Windows 7
Hard Drive:  8GB of free space

As we revealed yesterday, Brink’s release is only four weeks away (May 10th in North America, May 13th in Europe). Expect plenty more on the game between now and release.

Reader Comments

  1. I pre-ordered this in the summer last year. Lets hope the MP is better than Crysis 2’s efforts as that was somewhat annnoying.

  2. Does that mean I would have to activate the game via steam, before I could play it? Or can I play it without steam if I don’t want to setup a server or save my achievements.

  3. Hi !

    Is there, or have you an equivalent for laptop spec requirements ?

    Because i’ve got a Dell Precision M6500 which have an i7, 8GB RAM and a QuadroFX, but I know that a laptop doesn’t ave the same performance than a tower PC with the equal hardware…

    And I don’t have any tower PC…

  4. No Demo?

    So how are people supposed to try and see if they like the game? I’ll tell you how – they will torrent it.
    Will i personally do that? No.
    Will thousands of others? Yes.

    You have nobody to blame but yourselves.

  5. please retail version of brink without steam.

    not all like steam. If original brink require steam we don’t buy this game.

  6. What can the players that have in steams case preordered and payed a high price expect… Taking into account perloading and launch day issues ? For say a user whom payed for the game close too the dates when it was buyable on steam, what can they expect for waiting for so long?

  7. Just saying Intel i5 is really vague, I’ve got an overclocked 4x4Ghz one so I know I’m alright, but there’s more than one version out there.

    Still, yay for more Brink details

  8. So happy to play on Xbox360 so the only requirements i will worry about will be a pack of beer, a pizza and a couple of friends.

  9. Awesome, looks like I’ll be able to run this on both my gaming PC and my HTPC.
    Great to see that its making use of steamworks as well, I hate it when devs skimp on steamworks.

  10. It would be nice to release demo on 13th day, have a ear out for the bugs and release it on 20th day. Or make character/weapon customization available over internet or something.

  11. Dont you think these specs are a little “Above par” for the typical gamer?

    The graphics on the game are astounding — But so are many other great/ not so great titles.

    And there demand on spec – Is within a “Typical” Budget range.

    HD 5850? Really? Thats almost a £200 Card..

    Intel quad core – again £100+

    This game wants at least a minimal £400 PC – In order to run “Recommended” specs.

    Dont you think this could be dangerous in the result of Number loss to the game? – People out there dont/cant afford or expect to go out and re rig to something to these specs.

    Is this possibly a result in the coding?

    I dont expect there to be honesty within reason – But ive yet to see a Video of this game that demonstrates “Why” 3Ghz + a £150 GFX Card Is really needed.

  12. Thanks for the info. Looks like i’ll have to do some slight upgrading with an extra gig of memory and a new video card to enjoy this very special action packed work of the spectacular 😀

  13. Oh wait a minute i just looked at the specs again and that was the recommended specs i was looking at. I already have plenty of everything i need to play in minimmum specs. Yay! And damn my 1970s speed reading :>

  14. *Yawn*… Brink hype has been going strong since June 2009… so it’s overkill at this point, I feel the game will be dissapointing as there’s no surprise left. Skyrim on the other hand is out in 7 months, yet we’ve had one teaser, one great trailer, and lots of Todd Howard interviews where he avoids as many direct questions as possible. Keep the Skyrim stuff coming!

  15. Everything fits except the graphics card. I have a laptop with a GeForce 310M. I don’t know if having an extra gig of RAM will make up for this. Probably not.

    Oh well. I have a PS3 and will probably get it for that. I wan this to run as smoothly as possible.

    I know you guys said that there are no plans for a demo right now but you should definitely reconsider. A huge portion of my computer purchases are predicated on whether or not there is a demo and whether or not it runs. No one likes finding out they spent $50-$60 on a new game only to find out it doesn’t run.

  16. @rednekk; the quadro series’s are designed for game development but somehow manage to mess up gameplay. The game is probably going to run a bit messy for you, but it’s because your card is picky.

  17. “Everything fits except the graphics card. I have a laptop with a GeForce 310M. I don’t know if having an extra gig of RAM will make up for this. Probably not.”

    The ViDock4 Plus and a GTX470 will solve your woes, provided your laptop has an Expresscard slot.

  18. Otori – I’m pretty sure ‘Recommended specs’ in this case is almost everything on high. It’s a beautiful game, but hell. I can run Bulletstorm like a charm (everything high) with a HD 5850. Hopefully it’s the same with BRINK.

  19. Hope the game will be tweakable, cause by the specs I’ll barely be able to run the thing.

    No demo sucks, I’ve never bought anything without giving it a go first so I’ll just have to find some way to try it out. My hopes are on a beta leak for an early start 😀

  20. Why do people appose Steam.
    It’s far better than Games for Windows Live.
    In every way.
    It’s user friendly and less intrusive.
    And that’s where I was planning to buy Brink anyway.
    There’s no game stores that sell PC here.
    So yeah.
    Steam forever.

    Also why no Demo?
    I agree with everyone else, Beth.
    It seems like a bad move.
    Whatever though I’m buying Brink regardless.

  21. So I really should have asked awhile ago, and I did ask about DirectX, it will be OpenGL instead… so my question now is, which version of OpenGL will it use? that would be cool if we could do OpenGL 4.0

  22. Okay, well im glad i picked up a ATI 5850 HD about a month ago! now it seems i have everything in the recommended section, although I have to say, I know quite a few people who will not be buying Brink for PC now…

  23. so does this mean its no longer games for windows? cant be steam and GWF at the same time can it? if so it means i can pre-order it boxed and not from steam to get the fallout pack and still have the game in my steam library 🙂

  24. hahaha this makes me laugh at everyone with a console because they don’t get to experience the game to it’s full potential of high graphics and frame rate. remember, you get what you pay for. if you buy a $300 Atari, that’s just the kind of Graphics you’ll get.

  25. to ‘Otori’
    i don’t want to sound like a snob, but if you can’t afford to keep up with hardware, why not just get an XBOX360?
    PC Gamers are after a more refined/better gaming experience than what’s available on consoles, people not with ‘decent’ hardware are holding back development in PC games…look at the fiasco with Crysis 2, it’s 2011 and still using DX9.

  26. I’m happy to see the game will use steam, i’m also a bit suprised to find the recommended specs so demanding. No demo is a bit dissapoiting but i really don’t care much, the only reason i would liek a demo is to feed my hunger a bit funtill the full game comes out, i’m defenetly picking up Brink day.

  27. Let’s see:

    Memory… check!
    OS…. check!
    Processor… Damn it!
    Graphics… Damn it!

    Oh well, it’s a good thing I prefer a controller these days. Nothing like coming home after work and getting rid of stress by sitting on the couch with a good game…

  28. I urge you guys to do two MAJOR things:

    Remove the steam requirement (it only cuts down on the number of people who will buy your game)

    Add a demo (it only cuts down on the number of people who will buy your game). If you don’t know how you’d make a demo, you can simply add a timer onto it (say, 1 hour?). Or, you can do what Homefront did and restrict players from leveling up beyond a certain level. Just give us players SOME way to test this game out before we spend our money on it.

  29. The problem with most first person shooters on the market right now is that none of them have any creativity. It’s always just a couple of soldiers getting together and shooting the hell out of a bunch of russians and terrorists. One of my favorite games of all time is Borderlands for it’s creativity and amazing character progression. Brink takes that same amount of creativity and character progression and puts it into a balanced multiplayer shooter.

    I don’t see how anyone can not at least like the idea of that. And I am confident in the fact that this along with Battlefield 3 will destroy Call of Duty, a game that always has through the roof sales but is always the same and always gets old after a month or two.

  30. quote: “gstaff wrote on April 12th, 2011

    As previously noted, there’s no plans for a demo.”

    So basically you are saying the games bad.

  31. Great stuff, haven’t found a single negative thing about this game! Luv it!

    I must say I’m very curious about the amount of maps though.