The Top 10 Most Vile Roundups

Let’s get one thing straight: Clavicus Vile (pictured above, kickin’ it) is the most outrageous and excellent Elder Scrolls god, and there’s really no arguing to be done. That said, if you somehow feel differently, IGN has their own opinion in a new “Top 10 Gods of The Elder Scrolls” article. Vile believers: don’t believe their lies.

A few more tidbits from around the web:

Reader Comments

  1. They somehow left out all the stuff Vile did or was responsible for in The Infernal City. However, an interesting article done well and funny

  2. Ah, it was posted under gstaff at first 😛

    I liked the IGN bit but it was too focused on Elf racism than what it was actually meant to be….