European community tournament for Brink announced!

Wanted to share details on this awesome opportunity for Brink fans in Europe.

Put together by our colleagues in our London office, between May 4th and May 6th, they’ll be running a community tournament at Splash Damage HQ — pairing gaming journalists with members of their respective online communities. Together they’ll form four-person teams (one journalist, three community members) competing against other community teams in Brink’s Stopwatch mode.

To find out how you can get involved (including rules), check out the sites participating:

The winners of the event will receive either an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3, plus a copy of Brink.

Reader Comments

  1. Which platform will be used to play the tournament? Will Brink support cross-platform multi-player? I hope I’ll get chosen to represent my country at the tournament.
    Greetings from Belgium,

  2. On Xbox 🙁

    That makes me sad, it would been awesome to go as i actually have that week off. Well GL GL to the players competing. Hope we get to see a VoD or two after the event so we can check out how the game play in a somewhat competitive environment

  3. Ugh the dutch site registrations closed 2 days ago so a bit late 🙁
    ah well maybe more luck a next time, cant wait for brink to be released!

  4. No US entry then. Well that’s strange. Usually it’s you European brothers who get shafted with contests and the like. Lucky bastards.

    Good luck whoever’s participating.

  5. This blog post states that three community members get to play at the the tournament. 9lives only offered one spot on their website for members joined by one journalist so what happened to the other 2 spots?