Extra wave of Brink features spawned

With only a few more weeks to go before release, the following BFG-derived previews should serve as a nice prelude to a full-on assault of Brinkage.

Check below for several articles featuring new video, screens and interviews from our most recent press event. As usual, we’ll update as more come in:

  • Joystiq talks about Brink being an “evolution” for the first person genre
  • Gamespot talks to Splash Damage’s lead designer Neil Alphonso
  • IGN previews the Operative
  • GamePro discusses the game with game director Paul Wedgwood
  • VG247 video feature and screens
  • New gameplay impressions at GameRevolution
  • Game Informer interviews art director Olivier Leonardi
  • WireJacked interviews lead writer Ed Stern

And after the break, watch a GameTrailers interview with game director Paul Wedgwood.

Reader Comments

  1. I couldn’t be more excited for this game. Character customization plus parkour plus multiplayer shooter equals success in my book.

  2. i really want this game but they havent put out the retailers 4 canada yet all i know is walmart and ebgames but i want the phycho pack wich is neither one

  3. I really hope this game has some other game types like the 10 minute matches you would find in *gasp* Call of Duty. I know everyone hates those comparisons, but this isn’t a comparison. I’m sure the game will be fun for a long time but I hope to see shorter matches too. Where it’s not like Borderlands where your only option is to keep playing the crap you already played.

  4. Hey jon, if you google all of the pre order bonuses the only way to get the psycho pack is through amazon :/
    I’d love to get my hands on a code but I hate ordering things online… BUT, from what I’ve heard if you buy the limited edition then it should come with the doom and spec ops pack (at least for xbox)

  5. @Kenneth: absolutely. i decided i’ve been waiting long enough, and paid for Brink and BF3 at GameStop.

    i really wasn’t sure about Brink at first. is it just another shooter? eh, maybe… but then the more that details were revealed the more i saw that they’re really trying to mix up FPS gameplay goals and storytelling.

  6. Why must we geocommerically discriminate our brothers and sisters of the gaming faith? IF i want to have a wicked awesome spec ops bonus as opposed to a trololololololololol retarded DOOM pack, why can’t we make this so? However a unbelieveably awesome game, truly the revolution begins may 10th, well for North America.