New gameplay video, multiplayer details, and more for RAGE

Following roundups for Skyrim and Brink, Mr. Breckon has handed off the BFG baton to me. Up first, I’ve got you covered on the latest news for RAGE — with Hunted and Prey 2 just around the bend.

On top of announcing the game’s Anarchy Edition (available now with your pre-order of the game), today we released a breathtaking, five-minute gameplay video showcasing Dead City. Watch it above, and then check out the these sites for new previews, screenshots, and interviews:

Reader Comments

  1. Boomerang DECAPITATOR!

    Those are some realistic moving psychos. They take damage and drop in a very lifelike manner and the one that kept on coming handled the terrain in a eerie realistic manner as if thats what he would do if he really existed. The environment is amazing and feels as if am really there just from watching the video.

    Looks like this is gonna be one heckuva fall season for games this year.

  2. Very impressive. Question. How are you changing weapons? I’m guessing it’s some kind of 2 stick system? Just with the way the hud looks.

    I like the way it’s not the typical “follow these guys and do according to script” type thing that is popular these days.

  3. What shocks me is that the PC version of Rage is single-player only. How can this NOT be co-op? I look at the screenshots of a single player alone in an ATV and wonder how much more fun it would be if he had passengers in those empty seats…