New Skyrim previews come in for a landing

Following our spring BFG press event, a flock of Skyrim previews have now come to roost on the internet. Journalists got a long look at many facets of the game, and were also handed some brand-new screenshots to check out.

Stretch your wings with articles from the following outlets — we’ll update the post as more swoop in.

After the break, check out Gamespot and IGN’s interviews with Todd Howard.

Reader Comments

  1. this is mentaly deteriorating knowing that it comes out november but hey at least i know that im doing something that everyone (in game NPC’s) know that i did this or that if its reputation worthy.

  2. I really need to know the sys req for Skyrim! I have it pre-ordered for PC but if my PC can’t run it correct, then I have to switch to PS3 🙁 and I really don’t wanna do that 🙂 I,ve played ALL of them on PC and I don’t this one to be the game that I start on a console. (not that that’s a bad thing) but I’m sure you can understand my dilemma 😀