The early bird gets the double-barrel shotgun

Today we’re excited to announce that if you pre-order RAGE, you’ll automatically get upgraded to the Anarchy Edition, which adds four downloadable in-game items to your post-apocalyptic arsenal. The items include…

  • A Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Crimson Elite Armor
  • Fists of RAGE
  • Rat Rod Buggy

All four items are exclusive to the Anarchy Edition — available in the US and Canada with your pre-order from GameStop,, Steam, or Direct2Drive. For folks pre-ordering in Europe, we’ll have more details soon.

In case you’ve been under a meteor or sleeping in an ark, RAGE releases on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on September 13th (September 16th for Europe).

Reader Comments

  1. Hey, how’s the state of RAGE on Linux? I didn’t hear much about that in the last months. I guess that I’ll need the contents from the PC-DVD to install it, so should I preorder it?

  2. i need information before preorder game.

    i don’t want have steam on my pc, so, please someone of Bethesda write here if retail version of Rage require steam or not.

    If not, thanks for not force us to install steam on our pc , and i go immediately to preorder game at gamestop.

  3. @gstaff: any bonuses through Best Buy? Or is the Anarchy pack in addition to unique store bonuses, i.e. Gamestop will have the Anarchy pack and a unique bonus, and Best Buy will have no Anarchy pack but still a unique bonus?

  4. Urg. Not this again. I refer you to the comment I made on the Brink-Doom stuff.

    Question. Does it effect the balence? If so, will I be able to disable this stuff? As said before, already looking forward to this game. I don’t want to be in a Dead Space/Dragon Age possition where the pre-order gear is the best gear in the game.

    Although the fist of rage does look cool/funny. “Fist of Rage, for when you don’t know when to stab or punch.”

  5. That Rat Rod buggy makes it worth it alone. Now the double barrel shotgun is an obvious Mad Max reference, but are the Fists of Rage a Fist of the North Star reference?

  6. What about the Linux version? I’m really interested in this version.

    Thank you for doing this great job with the game and engine.