Press Event Recap (Updated)

As we continue to see new coverage from last week’s BFG event, we’ll continue update our recaps posted yesterday. Feel free to use this post as your portal to the latest updates, and while you’re at it, check out the screenshots we released online.

Update: Links have been updated as of 4/21 at 10:30 PM EST

Reader Comments

  1. For GOD’S SAKE Bethesda, we all know when Skyrim is coming out! Tell us when the next DLC for Fallout New Vegas will be released! This is getting ridiculous! Are you waiting when everyone forgot the game and lost any interest to play it to release the next DLCs? Perhaps after Skyrim???? :O We need some news now !!!

  2. Agreed. Seriously. Dead money was awesome but like this one a trailer wasn’t released until a couple days before and there is no media coverage. You say its done well give us something! Its been awhile since dead money and in comparison to the attention given to the fo3 addons, NV seems to be getting ignored because of your focus on newer games…

  3. You won’t hear any news of a new DLC for Fallout: New Vegas until the Patch has been Released and people start playing again.. They recently Released F:NV on 360 Games on Demand, So we should hope to see Some Info in a few weeks (;

  4. I got oblivion the game.
    Now I like to give a idea to the person that making skyrim.

    You people talk like you want to make the skyrim downloadable content like a expansion.
    The downloadable contents should be on a disk which is call a expansion pack.

    Not to many game console are on the internet.