Brink fan Q&A: Submit your questions now!

With exactly three weeks to go before it hits stores, we’re opening up the mailbag again to take your questions about any and everything regarding Brink.

Wondering about the most minute gameplay detail — or curious about post-release support? Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood is standing by to answer your questions. Leave a comment here — or alternatively, on the forums, Twitter or Facebook. Leave a comment here — we’ll collect them all and get as many answered as we can.

Update: We’ve submitted the questions to Paul. Thanks for all the great questions!

Reader Comments

  1. Will there be expansions or more content added to the game such as new weapons,maps,armor,etc as the game gets older?

    Also is there any way to make custome maps? if not will there be a way in the future?

  2. I understand that when playing online in the story mode, you have an option to skip cutscenes. If you choose this does this mean that you will be able to start playing the level before players who choose not to skip it? I want to watch the cutscenes my first playthrough, but I dont want to miss even a second of gameplay, which may only give me the option of playing offline for my first playthrough of the game

  3. Woaw, I’m really sorry but I can’t read through the 784 comments, so here’s my 12 questions :

    1) Friendly Fire ?

    a) Yes

    b) No

    c) Partial : y %, and/or only explosives/bullets/non-melee attacks

    2) If there’s Friendly Fire, how Team Kills will be handled ?

    a) Negative experience ?

    b) Autokick after x TKs ?

    c) A menu for the victim of a TK “forgive / forgive but bitch-slap for no damage / punish (after z punish, autokick)” ?

    2) What kind of system will regulate griefing ?

    a) Vote kick available for players ? (=> kick+temp ban, like 5/10/15 min)

    b) IRC/external tool for admins, so the players can call an admin with the “!admin” command (like a 911 number), and the admin can kick/ban using a remote command ?

    c) Experience malus ? Persistent reputation system ?

    3) Will there be an unique ID system ? Like the Steam ID ?

    => If there’s an unique ID you can record each players’ statistics sure, but the most important is : you can also ban a player not respecting the rules.

    => If you suspect a player of cheating, you can follow him and record several footages before dropping the permaban hammer.

    If simply changing the nickname let the cheater/griefer get away with it, he’ll never stop.

    4) There is tools to guide you to your ingame objectives, there is tutorial videos explaining the dynamics… but :
    => Will there be a system warning the players when the team are uneven ? example : 8 vs 12

    5) Similar question : Will there be a warning system when a team doesn’t have enough/any medic/soldier/engineer/operative ?
    (because having a balanced team is most of the time the key to victory)

    Examples :

    – many “neutralized” teamates die because the only medic is too busy elsewhere => suggest ‘rolling’ medic for other players (especially for the few players having difficulties getting experiences/teamwork-points)

    – many unbuilt spots, only 1 or no engy => suggest ‘rolling’ engy to help the team

    – etc

    There’s too many teams with 40% of players using the sniper-rifle class despite obvious inadequacy.

    6) If one team is winning too easily, will it be possible to set (server side) a “scramble” system (mixing the players, using their scores to make even teams) ?

    a) In case of a much-too-easy victory : automatic scramble or vote for scramble

    b) At any time : user-triggered vote for scramble (if x % of players ask for scramble, then there’s a vote)

    (* optional : allow each player to designate a buddy they want to follow, to not break duos)

    7) At the end of each map, will there be a server-side command to let players vote for the next map ?

    a) No => hu, what ?

    b) Yes, 1 player = 1 vote

    c) Yes, each players’ score/experience = x votes
    – exponential decay function to limit the high-exp players domination
    – or simply use a “rank” system so everyone knows what to expect, example : first player get 5 votes, second get 4, third get 3, fourth get 2, then everyone get 1 vote.

    => Why ? it’s a shame to invest a lot of time in a game, to later have to play the same 3 maps because occasional players don’t want to spend time learning new map layouts. Players who are in the top 5 of each team know most (if not all) maps and often prefer diversity over playing the same 3 maps.

    8) Not a question but a simple request => For the map votes, could you please add the following informations in the voting menu :

    – map overview + a screenshot of the most important part of the map (like its central area)

    – how many time it was played since the last x/24/48 hours (to compare with the other maps, to avoid playing the same maps all the time)

    – the game mode used on that map (no surprise after the loading screen…)

    * Also, do NOT show the voting results for 5/10 seconds, to let people vote FIRST, then the lurkers will vote for the same entries of their choice.
    => On Red Orchestra 1, if you remember to vote for the next map before the map ends, you get ~50% more votes because lurkers often click on the first map they see in the voting menu (because they’re too lazy to scroll through the whole list).
    Don’t make it a rat race for the “first to publish a voting entry wins”.

    9) Just for the sake of immersion, and to fit with the SMART system animation fluidity, will there be animations for building mines/sentries/etc ?

    Especially for the TPS (external) character animations.

    Example :
    => Mine : when you’re running around with the mine white “ghost”, your character is holding the mine. When you plant it, he simply crouch a little and trigger one or two button (like the soldier does on the explosive) to activate the mine.

    => Sentry : when you’re running around with the sentry white “ghost”, your character is holding a “folded” sentry. When you build it, your character crouch a little on the folded thing and trigger one or two buttons to activate the sentry (and/or use his welding torch on it).

    When you join up your teamate on the front, it’s nice to see people jumping/crouching/shooting/building stuff with little to no “artificiality” (like things appearing out of nowhere – even the medic grab his revive shots from one of his pocket).

    And if I see an enemy setting up stuff, in 2011 I expect the character to make a few moves here and there, showing he’s working. The days of Starsiege Tribes / TFC lack-of-building-animations were fine, fun-good-awesome and all, but they’re kinda over now.

    10) Will the player be able to “finish” a neutralized player while he’s using the revive shot ?

    => you see an enemy receiving the shot in hand, so you quickly finish him (and the medic will know he has to secure the area first).

    11) While neutralized, does your “special items” bar is filling up, or is it paused ?

    => I don’t know what to think of a neutralized enemy getting revived and suddenly spamming grenades all over the place like a cluster-bomb maniac.

    12) Damage falloff ?

    => if you’re shooting from a certain distance, your bullets are not doing as much damage as they would be doing at closer range (optional exception : sniper rifles).

    It prevents long range camping and let the fast-agile players have a chance to get a short-range shot (using obstacles to get closer).

    Thanks for reading, have a good day/night 😉

  4. Will there be any DLC’s in the future? If yes, what kind of DLC? Also will you be releasing a demo/beta?

  5. Will I be able to eventually buy other pre-order packs? I am a dire fallout fan so I pre-ordered from Best Buy but I would love to have the Psycho Pack. Can you make this happen?

  6. Hi guys,
    Will you have to gain experience seperatley for each of your classes, for example if i have leveld up a soldier will all that exprience go to another class like engineer.


  7. Is this gonna be open map free roam at all or is it only a mission based game? I pre-ordered from Best Buy because I am a huge Fallout fan, so I’m gonna need you guys to shoot me over a Psycho pack so I don’t have to pre-order a whole new game. lol. thanks.