Brink fan Q&A: Submit your questions now!

With exactly three weeks to go before it hits stores, we’re opening up the mailbag again to take your questions about any and everything regarding Brink.

Wondering about the most minute gameplay detail — or curious about post-release support? Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood is standing by to answer your questions. Leave a comment here — or alternatively, on the forums, Twitter or Facebook. Leave a comment here — we’ll collect them all and get as many answered as we can.

Update: We’ve submitted the questions to Paul. Thanks for all the great questions!

Reader Comments

  1. 1.Will we be seeing a Brink demo soon?

    2.And how many maps from the game?

    3.And have you got any DLC planed for the future?

  2. will Brink have a multi-player bots system for people with out internet? like the call of duty black ops training mode..

  3. Is it possible to purchase BRINK T-shirts and other merchandise?
    Looks like game could be one of best ever for me so thanks in advance.

  4. To everyone asking about split screen I’m afraid the answer is no. Ed Stern mentioned in an interview that they didn’t want to comprise graphical quality.
    Also I don’t think we are going to get a demo now or they would have announced it. Hope I’m wrong though.
    Every preview and interview I have seen have convinced me this game will be ace.

  5. I’m also wondering about the customisation, with accents, female models etc. because I think that this game sits in an interesting place politically, and if you limit the diversity of the combatants, you can say things you didn’t intend to, and reduce the power of the concept. Plus it’s cool to have really varied characters fighting around you!

    I’m also wondering how you intend to expand given the island setting; do you think there is enough longevity in the existing locations to play for a long time, or might you start to expand out to the rest of the post-apocalyptic world?

    I’m also wondering about how you dealt with the classic problem of “high ground” in level design, does the smart system help with that? Did it effect how you designed grenades etc. ?

  6. About the character creation. What will happen if all the characters I create are for one faction (let’s say the rebels)? Will I be forced into a default looking character of the other faction because of team balancing? Or will I always be on the rebel side?

  7. Will we have the option to remove the names from above the players/bots heads? Is there any options to remove things from the HUD?

  8. Will the multiplayer servers even the empty ones filled with bots, because it gets really depressing to find out your then only human and all the rest are bots after 5 minutes of playng it.

  9. Hi

    How on Earth are you going to answer all these questions?

    Seriously. How have you approached the online comms? Most, if not all of the titles I play online with my clan suffer form bad comms and it really spoils the experience.

    Thanks for your time.

  10. ive been wating for this game for a year now, and i think ive seen everything,i just have one final question: in the freeplay are u going make private settings like super speed or something cuz i think its a great idea 😀

  11. Will be there a digital “deluxe” edition with all pre-order bonuses? If not, will these packs be available to purchase later?
    I think there are lots of people who like to have them all, and even pay a little more for all the pre-order stuff, including me 🙂

  12. An interview I read recently mentioned there would be no 1-shot kill weapons & weapon damage would be on par with the Halo franchise. While I agree that repeated 1-shot deaths can be terribly frustrating, games like Halo & Gears of War can be equally frustrating when you have to empty an entire clip of assault rifle ammo just to get a single kill.

    So naturally, when I started to consider Light body types limited weapon options against Heavies that have extra health pips added from both a Medic & a captured control point, I became very concerned about the weapons in Brink being underpowered. Especially when Lights will probably be confronting multiple enemies on a regular basis at/behind the front lines.

    Do Light body types have access to weapons that are able to kill 2 or more Medium/Heavy enemies WITHOUT reloading? If not, why?

  13. If you don’t make female characters, do you realize that it won’t just be keeping all of the guy options, it will also drive away half of the crowd that are more direct towards female skins, female themselves, or otherwise?

  14. About the PC Release: Will The PC version be a port of the console versions or we’re they developed concurrently? Also, What kind of features can we look forward to in said PC version not in the console versions? (hopefully the removal of radial menus, dedicated servers, large graphics setting suite, etc.)

    im going to pull the “you guys were a PC developer” card and hope my pre-order will justify itself on the 9th of may.

  15. I worry that the Engineers and Spies will be like they are in Team Fortress, 2 ie instant kill melee weapons and hard to see, constantly wrecking havok on my Engineer turret and totally ruining my gameplay experience. Will this be the case in BRINK? That’s the MAIN reason I hate TF2.

  16. One of the Major problems with console Multiplayer games is unbalenced PING (connection speed from host to players) This greatly affects the quality of muliplayer gameplay from match to match, do to console hosting systems and not dedicated servers.
    Which system is Brink using for it’s MP, Hosting or dedicated servers ? and if it is a Hosting system, what has the team at bethesda done to ensure that players from all over the globe can play on a host console while getting a consistent quality online experience ?

  17. can you paly brink as a split screen and i was thinking that brink shoude have girl characters as a DL.

    long live the resistanse ??

  18. Will the game have an option to change from First Person, to Third Person? Who doesnt want to see their whole character in battle?

  19. A lot of people asked whether there would be split-screen. I wanna know too. PLEASE find a way to patch, if possible split-screen if their is not. I have a family, and I do not want to hog the xbox.

  20. Are you planning to release DLCs in the future? If so, are there any particular things that the BRINK team is considering?

  21. I have head that there are three ways to play the game: offline campaign, online campaign, and challenge. What i am wondering is if there will be a category like team deathmatch and capture the flag? Just wondering.
    Thanks, Paul