Brink fan Q&A: Submit your questions now!

With exactly three weeks to go before it hits stores, we’re opening up the mailbag again to take your questions about any and everything regarding Brink.

Wondering about the most minute gameplay detail — or curious about post-release support? Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood is standing by to answer your questions. Leave a comment here — or alternatively, on the forums, Twitter or Facebook. Leave a comment here — we’ll collect them all and get as many answered as we can.

Update: We’ve submitted the questions to Paul. Thanks for all the great questions!

Reader Comments

  1. Will there multiplayer, like that is not based of story? Like team-deathmatch or domination? This would be a really cool game to have that.

    Also, will there be a demo, like multiplayer, or a beta?

  2. By co op multiplayer does that mean I will be able to play the game with my friends on one console like with split screen? And if i can is there a deathmatch mode?

  3. Will BRINK support the move controllers? I really want to know before launch day, I didn’t get the sharpshooter for Socom 4 because I know once BRINK is out it’s all I’ll be playing for a long time. Please let us know.

  4. I already know most of the answer, but how smooth is the SMART system going to be? Also is there going to be a demo of some kind released for Brink?

  5. first: this game is gonna be better than any of those titles out there combined!
    but my question is will you be able to buy the packs on the PSN cause i preordered it at gamestop but i was looking at the packs after i preordered it (bad idea) and i saw that the psycho pack was what i needed.

  6. will there be any type of “free play” where the player can explore for example the container city (without enemys or objectives)

  7. This is more of a request than anything, Please don’t listen to the people who complain and change an otherwise killer game with to many patches after release. I realize that some patching is necessary but don’t let all the “hard cores” and fanboys ruin another amazing game. RIP WOW

  8. I heard in one of the many interviews that I’ve seen like a hundred times each that Brink is not a closed game, meaning that you are looking to DLC. I was just wondering if you have any details on that yet. Also, you should work something out with Microsoft and do some avatar clothing for the XBOX 360 LIVE members.

  9. Can we expect to see new gear and weaponry in future DLC? I’m so fed up of just ‘new maps’ from other games. It rarely adds anything new to the gameplay, and I think everyone would agree that it’s the guns that make the game fun.

  10. the setting is very fresh, but in the last days before release it more and more seems to me that the story and background will be not that important as it is creative. Will there be some ohter games for Example an RPG set in this universe, because i think the setting is perfect for all kind open-world games?

  11. I have another type of question, have any of these questions been answered? And, if yes, where do I find those answers? People have asked some legit questions on here, of things I would like to know as well.

  12. Hey guys,
    You are doing a excelent job but just a quick question, will i be able to download the pre-order skin packs as DLC? Because i am getting Brink from EB games which comes with the DOOM pack but i am really wanting the spec op and Fallout pack aswell.
    If you could get back to me that would be great.

    Many Thanks


  13. I’ve been closely watching this game for a long time now, and it just dawned on me that the characters cast shadows in the screenshots, but in the actual gameplay trailers they do not. Was this taken out at some point in development?

  14. Is the lean function static or are you able to move slowly around corners with your L-thumbstick? If so where is it broken? Thanks for your time, great looking game and I cannot wait.

  15. I have been told that Brink is bringing a the end of Genre’s as we know it could you explain what you mean by that? like is it going to change how we as gamers are going to see game Genres or is it going to give a whole new idea of shooters?

  16. Was just pondering, I heard this game was made by gamers, so I figured there would be a pc beta release for people to try. I will get it on the ps3 if the network ever works properly again but i am mainly a pc gamer. So will there be a pc beta?

  17. On Xbox Live, how will the game play be affected in terms of internet connection? Will similar bandwidths be pooled together when searching for team members or will everyone be pooled together regardless?

    Are there any plans in the works to introduce post content into the marketplace to prevent the game from becoming too repetetive? If no, why not? If so, what can we expect to see in the pipeline and can we expect to see them introduced for free or at least minimal credits/ cost?

    I’ve been eagerly following this title for the past 8 months, devouring any new information & media that has been released… let the countdown begin!

  18. ive seen alot of weapon and character customization but i havent seen any choices in camos, will we have any choices for weapon camos or are they all preset?

  19. What’s, in your opinion, the best feature of the game, the S.M.A.R.T system, the customization, what are you the most excited about to show the people who buy this game

  20. Ok. DlCs will depend on games succes, Women fighting in a civil war in a post apocalyptic future might sound cool but highly unproductive, humanity is in the brink of extintion and your sending breeders to war, i don´t think so. one guy can keep a houndred women pregnant but if women start to die there wont be any hope. bots can be used to fill any empty places in multiplayer and single player, i understand that multiplayer blending works in this way, you play offline, it`s you with the aid and against a bunch of bots. if you go online it`s the same but people can go in and out the game at any time and take the place of one of those bots. i really want to know if i can play lan and not online with a friend in my living room pc? plus will i be able to download cvars on a different pc and save ´em in a pendriva and install them in another pc? i ask because my internet conection is really slow. thanks.

  21. 1st. It looks great, good work im gonna buy this game

    1st question: Are you´re thinking about a second part of this game

    2nd question: Is about the storry, what is the different of the story from the security and the other

    3rd question: I saw the spec ops pack, are those “upgrades“ only in the scurity team?

    thank you very, very much for made the game, and answere me =)

  22. Is there a limit on the number of a certain class per team? For example is it possible to have a team of 8 engineers or is it capped?

  23. What gives this game replay value? like, will I want to come back for more? because im not really sure if i want to buy it or rent it
    and will there be DLC in the future?

  24. My question is kind of weird but important to me, can you see your characters feet in first person if you look straight down?

  25. Does brink have smoke grenades, if so are they a class or general ability? The operative has the ability to spot land mines, does this mean mines are invisible to other classes or just that the operative is the only class that can have the squad commander alert engineers?

  26. do you have to upgrade all attachments for all guns or is there just one set of attachments available to all guns?

    is there multiple perminent decisions in brink? such as class type (heavy,medium,small) resistance or security? etc.