The latest on New Vegas (Updated)


Gstaff here with a couple news items for New Vegas.

Up first, the game is now available for purchase on Xbox LIVE’s Games On Demand service. You can purchase it directly through LIVE, or by visiting

In other news, be sure to visit our forums for updates on the game from senior producer Jason Bergman. In a post from earlier this month, he gave a status report on New Vegas DLC and incoming game updates. Regarding the latter, today he’s posted details on the balance tweaks being introduced in Monday’s Steam update. For those playing on consoles, we’re still waiting to hear on the exact date it’ll be available for you… stay tuned.

Update (4/30): The update should be available worldwide on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Regarding the Xbox 360 update, the new game update is live for the game.

Thank you for your patience on this matter.

Reader Comments

  1. neat! but, bleh, i really hate having to trawl forums just to glean dev info – frankly, i’ve got far more important things to do than spending time in game forums (like, actually playing the games). that’s really the kind of stuff that, i dunno, belongs in a blog! if the devs insist upon posting in the forums, then could you have a weekly feature of “From the Forums”, or something, that collects the official forum posts?

    thank god for automatic weapon accuracy improvements. the LMG was rather disappointing for the amount of weight it costs to carry. and i look forward to seeing what the Service Rifle is like, now, since it was pretty much a throw-away before. kudos for nerfing the Cowboy Repeater – while this was a favorite of mine, it always seemed kind of ridiculous that it was so fast AND so accurate AND fairly powerful – yet supposed to be a low-level weapon. plus, hooray for increasing the abilities of Pew-Pew, because that was a pretty crappy reward for the associated mission…

  2. I’m happy to hear that the game is still being updated. I did two playthroughs when it was new, but would like to get back to it once it isn’t so frustrating. For instance, I barely got any achievements when I played because I had to use the console to get myself out of buggy situations a number of times. I guess it’s a nice feature that the game correctly identified that I cheated so I shouldn’t get achievements, but still – when your only choice is to cheat it felt frustrating 🙂

    So anyway, updates are nice and I hope both Bethesda and Obsidian can regain some trust from me and other frustrated gamers. I do love both companies, but I’ve vowed to stop my earlier practice of pre-ordering/buying your products on launch day. For New Vegas DLCs I’ll wait until they are all out and can hopefully be found as a discounted package. I’ll sure be happy if you one day learn to wait until a game is finished before releasing it. Hmm, unless that would give you a Duke Nukem Forevere release schedule… I don’t know which I prefer, I guess it’s a plus being able to at least play a game 🙂

  3. My copy has fallen apart and is no longer playable, very mad about that. The center part of the disc started breaking off in the first week and a crack appeared. The crack has grown and now I can’t play the game. 🙁

  4. Nothing here is news, the PC patch consists of weapon tweaks which should take an intern about 2 hours to accomplish, and considering these balance changes have been long discussed, explosives being useless primarily, it wasn’t really any work on your end. As for the incredibly long delayed console stability patch, going on 7 months now(almost 2 years if you consider the same problems being unfixed in FO3), what can we expect? Stability improvements have been mentioned, to what degree however remains frustratingly ambiguous, Will I actually be able to play the game for more than an hour without serious issues, will Forlorn Hope and Camp Searchlight be accessible in double digit frame rates again. If that level of fixing is indeed possible, why was it never done until now, who intentionally tarnishes their own reputation by putting out a beta stage product that apparently takes 7 months to finish.

    As for the DLC, frankly I could care less about it, having a definitive ending really ruins the whole point of new DLC campaigns. From a storyline perspective it’s just hilarious, we undertake some epic adventure that’s already weaved into the main game, but in the end it has absolutely zero impact on anything, the game ends when we accomplish an arbitrary task that we never see the results from. Fair enough, you made the game, you wrote the story, you want it to end. Why not just let it continue anyway, if the story line is already done what does it matter, just keep the game world the same as it was before the point-of-no-return, it’s incredibly ignorant to assume everyone has the time to make a new character and potentially put hundreds of hours into just to not be willing to finish the game. Bottom line, let people keep playing. Really, we get into some epic battle in a place known as ‘The Divide’, news of this confrontation is apparently able to reach a person living amongst Ghost People in the Sierra Madre, that sounds like some serious ****, shouldn’t that be the end?

    Release a change log for the console patch, give us the Honest Hearts press release, do something other than tease. I think fans of New Vegas have waited long enough to hear some good news.

  5. Not that he can install it now fisto.

    King, why didn’t you ask for an exchange when the disk started falling apart so early? The manufacturers are liable to replace it. Assuming ir wasn’t your fault.

  6. Some buetiful weapon balances. Looking forward to the patch. With great news like this its making boring manic mondays a thing of the past 🙂

    Thanks to all involved in making FALLOUT NEW VEGAS the GREATEST!

  7. @treyster
    I didn’t know I could, and I wanted to play the game. I sold my Fallout 3 as I plan to get to get the goty for the 360 so I can download those dlc and play it without being online(360) and I wanted to have a Fallout game I could still play(I have ALL the others but I dont think they will run on my pc now that I have windows 7).

  8. Also why has the service rifle been WEAKENED!?!?!? It was already way to weak for crying out load!!! I would have at least liked a unique version of it that you could get from a NCR solider for doing a quest that has a scope and does more damage. Also will there be a update that lets us make hollow-points and armor piercing rounds? or explosive and dragonsbreath buckshot?

  9. I’m kind of upset that their nerfing the lever action rifles. The only thing that makes the Cowboy repeater useful at latter levels is the ROF.

    I’m happy with the changes to the other weapons. I found the assault carbine and LMG almost useless against armored targets.

    On my current play through, I’m playing as a Gunslinger with the Cowboy perk and hand craftd rounds for every gun. I find using only revolvers and lever action rifles and shotgun a much different experience.
    I can’t afford to miss much. If I let and enemy close in it can be a death sentence, especially if I have to reload.

    Obsidian said they wanted to make a western Fallout game but now their punishing people like me who play it as one.

  10. I just wish the quests would get fixed I can’t even get all the achievements because I get locked in the lucky 38 basement after the presentation that yes man does but other than that the game is great for me

  11. I’m still having issues with the ‘Oh My Papa’ (or whatever it’s called) quest. I would start again but I’d rather not if the same things is going to happen again. But, glad someone is taking the issues into hand and I’m looking forward to the new DLC. Hopefully there is a DLC that expands the current main story like Broken Steel did for Fallout 3 ^_^

  12. I second that.. We Need F:NV to be open ended..It makes the game alot more fun when you can “Beat” it and then go back and see what happened after, Or go gamble ALL of those caps you make by the Battle of Hoover Dam..

    It’s better than just ” Hey, Battles over, Switch games, or start a new one..”

  13. I really hope that with these patches address the issue of the faction bug. As a console owner I have no options to fix it and it makes playing impossible sometimes. Weapon tweeks are nice, I just don’t want these glitches to be forgotten or ignored.

  14. Jason Bergman said somewhere there will be no DLC to make you play after the ending á là Broken Steel. I can perfectly understand that, since in NV it would need a lot of work to change in the gameworld all the *many* things that can be different with each ending, not only for places, but for factions, NPCs and companions. The devs would need to be very careful to account every possible outcome combinations so the gamer’s choices feels significant and realistic. And some things would need to change a lot to reflect what happened, some companions would be gone for good and so on… Though after all these months after the 1st DLC, perhaps the devs had some time to do that 😀

    In FO3 it was a easy to “extend the game” after the end, since there were very few things that would change significantly in the world outside the main quest.

  15. Forgot to add, in FO2, for example, you could continue playing after the ending, there were tons of different possible slides for various places/people, but very, very few places and NPCs would reflect that if you continued the game after the last quest. It felt cheap 😀 So, instead of this, personally, I prefer a definitive ending. 😉

  16. Can’t wait for Honest Hearts. I liked Dead Money, but I hate how you can’t return to the Sierra Madre, and I don’t know, kill Ghost People? I think that you should be allowed to gamble at the Sierra Madre for the Sierra Madre Chips, but that is me.

    Can’t wait for Honest Hearts…

    War Never Changes

  17. “Player are totally OP!”

    As long as it doesn’t break the mods I use I’m happy.

    “The Professional – 10mm Pistol, SMG added to perk list.”

    Interesting. Certain weapons aren’t efected by perks they should (cowboy doesn’t effect cosmic knife, shotgun surgeon doesn’t effect the pre order shotgun ect) so why is this one being singled out for special treatment?

  18. Hey, a problem has cropped up for the PC mod crowd: The current version of the GECK is apparently outdated and cannot open the new FalloutNV.esm. Could you release the new GECK version some time?

  19. So this patch adds nothing but a few minor tweaks here and there and adds some weapon balancing and breaks DLC. This is not the comprehensive patch that we were promised. What about all of the bugs listed here:

    GSTAFF, when are we going to see a patch that actually fixes the numerous broken quests? Are there even any plans on fixing ANY of the bugs that people have been reporting on for months?

  20. Really?
    That’s complete crap..
    Months, IT’S BEEN MONTHS since this game has been patched, and Weapon tweaks are the only thing that’s been addressed?

    That’s a pretty big dropped ball that I’m guessing you’re going to try hard to hide..
    But forums don’t lie, I’m glad Everything is time-stamped now, because it shows how little attention is being paid to a Game that Bethesda Softworks published… Lowering the Bar? I think so..

    Hooray for a $60 Beta?

  21. I’m just hoping that the Hard Freezes and Achievement-Related quests have been fixed.. That is ALL I ask for… So I can finally play this game for 8+ hours at a time with no Hard Freezes..

  22. GSTAFF, that is the exact same line you have been giving all of us for MONTHS.

    The last patch you yourself promised would be a comprehensive one that would fix many issues. There was even a big post on your forums from the Senior Producer Jason Bergman to help back this claim up after an extended period of silence. Yet this patch does doesn’t even cover half of the issues that have been known since the games release back in October 2010.

    If you truly have another patch in the works give us some details and a time frame. Be OPEN and HONEST with us. Other companies do that, why can’t you? Come on already, stop jerking everyone around and be straight with us for once.

    • @FrankBroWest… what sorts of issues are you still experiencing? Talking with our team, this update covered off on a number of stability concerns, quest fixes, and more.

      There will be another update as we prep for future game add-ons (we’ll be shedding more light on that soon), but I don’t have details beyond that.

  23. Thanks Matt, Jason confirmed some quest fixes and hard freeze fixes on Twitter, I really hope to see this game in all it’s No-Freezing Glory.. Now I just have to wait for Microsoft to release it..

    Also, Love the Twitter name.. Lmfao

  24. My comment might include some spoilers about dead money dlc, if you didn’t played it, ye be warned!
    I was wondering how the gas got me in the beginning of dead money, I was wearing power armor with helm and even hold my breath for a long time :p

    Also, Will we be able to use our own hard earned equipment in next dlcs or we are stuck with new but crappy ones again? (I vendored all stuff already i got from DM the minute I came out of dlc).

    I’m also hoping you guys bring some caps spending options for us, I got like 250k caps from main game and gold bars from dead money (which worths like 300+k caps) with nowhere to spend, casinos good but not enough since I win and got more cash.

    Maybe some long forgotten expensive upgrade robot shop for power armors? Like extra plating, bug bite proof steel, making them a bit close to original power armors?


  25. GSTAFF, the issues that I and others are still having are many of the ones listed in the support forums (even with a new-game & fresh install). I already provided you with a link. If you want more specifics go there and compare with the devs on what has been fixed to what people are still having issues with. Are you guys even doing this?

    But the biggest issue I am having is with both the lack of communication and lack of care that is being given towards this situation. Perfect example is what happen with the 360 patch. You already knew the patch could add a DLC error after it hit the other consoles, so why wasn’t a statement released saying you were working on yet another fix for it? Why was this patch release such a mess in the first place? This should not happen especially after you promised this would be “the” comprehensive patch that would fix many known issues.

    Also, why is DLC being worked on when you still don’t even have the vanilla game fixed yet?

  26. GSTAFF, just take your time on this update its really not a big deal everyone over reacts to this. New Vegas is a great game and we just want it to be perfect so that we can play every mission and not have frequent freezes.

  27. @gstaff. I don’t know if you are aware or know this, but I installed the update that came out this morning, and it immediately said that some of the downloaded content I had could not be found. I assume that meant the classic pack that I got from my pre-order purchase. Just an FYI. I haven’t had a chance to check to see if those items were removed from my current (or future) playthroughs.

  28. Until Bethesda submits a functional update there is a fix for those users who have already applied the update. Follow this series of menu options from the xbox dashboard: My Xbox > System Settings > Memory > Hard Drive > Games > Fallout: New Vegas. Select the only entry that is shown as an update, something like Title Update. Select delete. Restart the game and load your save.

  29. Yeah, from reading forums, this patch actually cause quite a bit more problems.. I don’t really see why it was released in this form… Would’ve rather waited another 3 or 4 months for a better patch..

  30. Quit your complaining. Let these poor folks try and fix this without this. Imagine if you tried constructive criticism instead of ” You guys didn’t do this, you’re incompetent.” oh and check the sneak mode player models arms dissapearing.

  31. Why not mention that if you did grab the 360 title update, you can delete it right in the Xbox Memory manager. Games, FNV, Title Update #3, delete, then boot the game and stay offline. Worked fine for me just now. Previously it locked the system while I was loading a Dead Money save, which is probably what happens when you delete the Dead Money DLC too?

    I’m really disappointed that glitch even made it through Microsoft cert. Clearly their extra delay for testing patches does none of us any good. Or they are under so much pressure to finish quickly that they have to skip half a page of test cases. Dis-concerting!

  32. Please fix the patch or give me a way to remove it. I could care less about improvements, I liked the game the way it was, but it is 100% unplayable now that I’ve “Updated”. I go to load my game and it freezes on the load screen. Look, I think the game was fine the way it was so, please, give us an update that removes that one completly.

    Also, you need to put this issue on your webpage as one of the first things you see. Next time you have an update available I would certainly like to come check and see if it causes functional problems first.

  33. And the game is yet again, unplayable.
    Was bad enough in october through december, don’t you test these patches first?