The latest on New Vegas (Updated)


Gstaff here with a couple news items for New Vegas.

Up first, the game is now available for purchase on Xbox LIVE’s Games On Demand service. You can purchase it directly through LIVE, or by visiting

In other news, be sure to visit our forums for updates on the game from senior producer Jason Bergman. In a post from earlier this month, he gave a status report on New Vegas DLC and incoming game updates. Regarding the latter, today he’s posted details on the balance tweaks being introduced in Monday’s Steam update. For those playing on consoles, we’re still waiting to hear on the exact date it’ll be available for you… stay tuned.

Update (4/30): The update should be available worldwide on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Regarding the Xbox 360 update, the new game update is live for the game.

Thank you for your patience on this matter.

Reader Comments

  1. Unfortunately, I only found out about this problem and this blog after I downloaded the update, it bricked my saves, and I was searching for a solution.
    It would have been more effective and much appreciated if you had pulled the update rather than tell me I should have declined it to begin with.
    Very disappointing.

  2. I am confused, do you not use a QA team? inside QA or even hire an outside QA firm to test? This is not some end game bug that was just missed. You can not load any save file nor can you play on live without the patch. How in the world was that not caught?

    Your QA team sucks. Your QC department is terrible and you are ruining your best franchise by creating a buggy game to begin with, then screwing up each patch and then ask us to be patient and wait for you to clean up the ignorance you have working in the back.

    After this, you wont get another dime out of me. GG on losing yet another customer to your shotty development and poor excuse for good employees.

  3. my game freezes after a certan point of play and when i load the last save it plays a while and does it again. if i go back to a hard save it eventually starts up again. even when i start a new game it still happens. anyone else have this prob?

  4. Any idea on when you are going to fix the save game issue on the PC. I know the Xbox is the big issue but all of my saved games on my PC are screwed and I am not going to start a new game unless this issue is fixed.

  5. Grrrrrrrr
    Good work people, Now because of your fantastic updates I can’t play the buggy glitchy game at all. I’ve tried everything, Deleteing,offline,old saves,etc.etc.etc.Hundreds of hours gone, 1/4 of that actually playing game, 3/4 waiting to get thru a door or such. I like the Fallout game concept thats why I play it.
    I got an idea !!!! Sell the Fallout concept to a REAL company, FIRE all the stoners you got employed there (not working,employed) and send all your equipment to a scrapyard.
    Never again $$$$

  6. I had to delete the old one from my HDD to get the new one to work if you’re not getting the prompt to download it I suggest trying that and your game should work fine.

    • We expect to have updates for non-English territories (and Games on Demand) soon. Regarding the latter, you shouldn’t be experiencing any save issues.

  7. PS3 version still freezing ever since last patch update. VERY FRUSTRATING. I had very few problems before but ever since that last patch, i cant get more than 5 minutes into the game before it freezes. I have deleted the DLC and the game files multiple times. I have even tried to play without the update installed. no mater what i try it freezes as soon as you engage in combat with any character.
    When will this be fixed??!!

  8. Bethesda, Thank you so much!!!! I could finally play one of the best game ever, BUT when ever I used my D-pad it ALWAYS freeze! Honestly it could still play it but it would be nice it you guys fix it. Love you guys!

  9. Now that the next two DLC’s have release dates, WHEN can we expect the rest of the comprehensive patch that was promised? (The one that is supposed to fix the quest bugs)

  10. so what’s about the update 1.3 on xbox for the non-English territories.
    is it already available or when will it come ?

  11. Can you elaborate further? As in before or after any of the next two DLCs?

    And there are still numerous quest and lingering performance issues noted in the support forums across all 3 platforms. (and no, a fresh install & start does not fix them)

  12. Hey the patch hasnt worked for me at all.

    I play on xbox 360 and i live in Sweden.

    If i download the patch. It just says loading downloadable content. please wait and it says that all the time and nothing happens.

    I also have the Dead Money dlc and all 4 preorder dlcs.

    Please help

    ive tried clear system cache and removing the update but when i start the game without installing the uppdate i cant play dead money or level up any more and it freezes all the time

    Please help

  13. I also tried now to remove dead money then the update worked and everything went fine, but then i tried to reinstall dead money again and the same damn thing al over again. I havent even tried dead money yet and i want to play that one so get a fix on that please especially in sweden.

  14. When the update happened all the items I had gotten from the Sierra Madre DLC disappeared, I play on the PS3. Has anyone else experienced this because my gold bars and armor are gone now.

  15. So I’ve been following this whole thing pretty closely, as in since this post went up, trying to make absolutely sure that I got the update at a good time. So a couple nights ago, I downloaded the patch. (ie: at a time where it supposedly wouldn’t nerf the game; I’m in the USA, have a 360, and presumably the problem is ‘fixed’ here, buuuut–) The moment it was downloaded, sure, save games booted up, but they locked at weird times, crashed completely at others (yes it was funny to see ‘connection lost’ on the House viewscreen right before that happened but still, annoying), and lagged like a laggy thing.

    This problem was persistent and pervasive.

    Basically it rendered my copy of the game unplayable. I still had to remove the patch and thankfully, that worked, but if I’m not mistaken, that’ll mean that getting the new DLC (which I have been anxious for) will be a no-go for me and presumably for others. May I say that this kinda blows.

    I know there was a statement about a new patch ‘further down the road,’ but it’d be nice if one came out *BEFORE* Honest Hearts goes live for XBox360.

  16. i really liked this game but know i can’t do a single thing without it freezing no matter what. i will never buy a game from this company again, why should i, i can’t even finish playing this one. i even returned the first copy for another new, twice i’ve done this. it freezes on all of my friends xbox consoles as well.

  17. worst game ever. how could you release garbage like this with so many bugs, glitches and freezes. perhaps you just dont give a darn about people who spend thier hard earned money on your products. Don’t worry though. I’ll do my best not to make this mistake again while I also tell everyone I know, and those I don’t, not to waste their time on your ggggggggggggg…. sorry I meant games. I guess your site glitched.