Get SMART Series: General Gameplay

As the countdown to Brink’s release continues so does our Get SMART Series. Check out the General Gameplay tutorial above and you’ll feel like an expert on day one — or at least day two. Day one, you’ll at least feel extremely competent. Better than your friends, surely.

We have more videos in store, so check back later for another lesson.

Reader Comments

  1. hmmm some good details, here. i like the systems of buffs, strikes, slides, and SMART, but a lot of the interaction seems like “hold a button and it figures out what you want.” that could get frustrating if it doesn’t figure out what you want, like how some cover systems get obnoxious. i guess i’ll just have to wait and see!

  2. I really like the graphical style you’ve created for the interface elements in the game. The mini-map’s colours are a bit hard to figure out though. Maybe I’ll understand it better once I start playing.

  3. Interesting. I like how you don’t have to switch to a buff gun or anything of that nature. Also seeing if any medics are on the way is a nice touch.

  4. yea i worry it may jump when i want to duck and vice versa, but I’m sure these guys have this figured out…this game looks rediculously cool…i was burned on cod and had sworn off shooters but this looks too good to pass up…ive preordered