Weekend Update: RAGE, Skyrim, Hunted, and Prey 2

While our BFG event was more than two weeks ago, there’s plenty of new coverage to share for RAGE, Skyrim, Prey 2, and Hunted.

Don’t miss last Friday’s GTTV episode, which featured a new Skyrim interview with Todd Howard, as well as a first look at RAGE’s Subway Town. Catch both segments at GameTrailers.com.

If podcasts are your thing, Giant Bomb has 40 minutes of discussion on Skyrim, RAGE, and Prey 2. While I highly recommend the entire podcast, the BFG coverage starts just before the 50-minute mark. Elsewhere, Shacknews’ Garnett Lee shares his Skyrim impressions in episode 57 of Weekend Confirmed (scan ahead to the 33:25 mark of the podcast), and also divulges on why he’s so excited for RAGE in episode 58. Head to iTunes to download all three podcasts.

More after the break…

  • IGN – “5 Changes from Oblivion to Skyrim”; plus a second interview with Todd (above)
  • GameSpy – “10 Reasons Skyrim Will Be the Best Elder Scrolls Game Yet”
  • CVG
  • Shacknews

Prey 2

  • GameSpy – “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Prey 2”
  • AusGamers – New preview + an interview with the game’s chief creative officer, Jim Sumwalt
  • Scewed & Reviewed – New interview with associate producer Matt Bisenius


  • G4TV.com – Adam Sessler interviews Tim Willits
  • IGN – “A History of id Tech”
  • Shacknews – Senior Producer Jason Kim talks multiplayer, AI, and more
  • AusGamers – new interview with Design Director Matt Hooper
  • CVG – declares, “Rage is going to remind everyone that id Software is still right at the summit of the shooter developer pile”
  • Eurogamer – new hands-on impressions
  • EGM – we highly recommend reading their interview with Tim Willits — look for it in the June issue

There’s all that, plus new previews for Hunted at Xbox 360 AchievementsRock, Paper, Shotgun, and Cheat Code Central.

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