Weekend Update: Brink

In the previous update that just went up, you might have noticed one game missing… BRINK!

With just over a week until its release, GamersPortal.com is having a community roundtable for the game tomorrow at 7 PM EST. Visit their blog for more details.

Beyond that, get the latest on Brink at these sites:

  • USA Today – “Five Things You Didn’t Know About Brink”
  • GamaSutra – “A Missive From the End of Genre: How Brink Works”
  • VGRevolution – interview with Splash Damage Community Relations Manager Steve ‘badman” Hessel
  • Edge – Audio Director Chris Sweetman sounds off on game audio
  • Machinima – interview with Paul Wedgwood from our PAX East event
  • IGN – interview with Chris Sweetman
  • PS3 Trophies (or Xbox 360 Achievements) – interview with Lead Designer Neil Alphonso

Catch additional preview coverage at JoystiqRock, Paper, ShotgunUFREPlayer Affinity, and Games Xtreme.

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