Weekend Update: Extended Skyrim interviews at GameTrailers.com

If you’re looking for new details on Skyrim, don’t miss Geoff Keighley’s extended interviews with Todd Howard from our BFG press event. In the videos, you’ll learn more about dragons, how the game begins, and that yellow toboggans make great loot.

Watch the second video after the break. And for more on the game, check out the previews and interviews from our previous Skyrim roundup.

Reader Comments

  1. I saw these when they were first put up.

    I have nothing else to say here except… I needs more information!

  2. Hahaha, best interview so far!

    Still cant wait for some new news, seems as if the interviews are just going over what we’ve already read about. =D

    Keep it up Beth’!

  3. Wow. It hasn’t come out yet and I’m already wondering about the next one. Where will it be set? Akivir? Atmora? Yorkuta? Pyandonea? The Planes of Oblivion? Maybe we’ll be in Argonia or Elsweyr? so many questions. I’m really keen to get this one. I’m intrigued at the prospect of the duel-wield system even though it might make spell casting harder, as I liked to use a sword and shield as well as cast spells. The Radiant A.I and Radiant Story engines sound interesting too. CANT WAIT!!!!!1!

  4. I love how they are willing to wipe the slate clean even after the success of F3, etc. because of how devoted they are to the experience. Huge respect for Howard and the team.

  5. The only thing I wanted to know is the one thing he didn’t talk about.

    Will Skyrim have the same problem the earlier Bethesda games had?

    The greatest flaw of say, Oblivion was that as your game file size grew, lag and freezing became a massive problem. I am in a point where I cannot go into a dungeon without the game crashing, and I have only explored ~2/3 of the map.

  6. Wait so this means we all have to buy this whole game again, like a second version right? Or part 2. or will this be a downloadable content like on fallout 3 wih point lookout or broken steel?