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  1. Methinks the wrong video was posted with this one too…I wrote about this one 5 days ago on my site and then the gameplay one after that.

  2. Tell me radar is not always on, please please please.
    How can you play tatically with this on, I haven’t seen video’s otherwise but I hope I’m completely wrong

  3. Is it me or is the same guy asking for linux under different names?

    Campnadian. I don’t get what you mean. I don’t see how a radar stops you from playing tactically. Unless ‘tactically’ means ‘camp’?

  4. The radar will likely always be on, but I think it will be like many other games. That it will always show friendlies, and then show enemies either when they shoot, or better yet only when they are looked at for a while by a teammate.

    It is like that in Bad Company 2, that enemies are shown if they are spotted while in the cross-hairs. If the go the COD route that it is whenever you shoot it will be fairly annoying.

  5. i heard of this game in december, when i watched the brink video in youtube i thought it be pretty beast. but theres somethings im still worried about i preorderd the game and theres no demo? i look everyday for a demo, one ting that bothers me is how long it takes to kill someone you can bust a whole clip and still not kill them i have seen that i down loaded all 12?11? videos and thats just a little to fake. hope you get a demo out so i dont change my ming about retuning it:(

  6. Stop using flash video as more people are having devices not capable of playing it. Think future think html 5. Thank you

  7. Awesome, I can’t wait. There’s a lot of hud. And the dude @1:02 isn’t even finishing him of.XD Fail.

    @Campnadian, the vid clearly says it displays SPOTTED enemies. So I figure only if you’re spotted you show up. Like in Battlefield for example. The objective and points of interest are always displayed, I guess. So to answer your question: yes, but you will not be shown all the time. Just when you’re being spotted.

  8. the video says “Spotted baddies show on radar” key word is spotted, if some one on your team or you see them, then they are on the radar, And I’m assuming shooting makes you pop up on the radar as well. Much like any other game with a radar.