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  1. The AI is impressive. The interactions between the NPC and the spider and sentry is unique, especially love the part where the spider jumps on top of the crate and then comes smashing down on one of the shrouded. Looking quite impressive!

  2. Guys, this game looks nothing short of epic! Seriously can’t wait to play this game! Those spider bots look f’ing awesome! When it jumped over the box and ripped through that bad guy, I couldn’t help but cheer out loud! Love it!

    Can I make one criticism? When reloading an automatic rifle, if there is still a round in the camber you shouldn’t have to re-cock the gun. I only say this as I would prefer a shorter animation when re-loading, therefore getting back into the fire fight that split second quicker : ) of course if you blow the full mag then yes, re-cock the gun.

    Much love and peas : )

  3. This is like Borderlands on steroids…i say that because of the artwork similarities and the buggies of course…but looks like it has a bit of Fallout 3 in it too…all of these are good things…cant wait to see how one levels, and all of the mods and upgrades that will be available for weapons and cars

  4. The Animations and AI is amazing.

    The Spider Turret navigates the map so well that you’d think it was a scripted path. The Shrouded’s animations are fluid and natural. Like the wouded one who is limping away before receiving a buckshot enema from the player.

    I laughed to hard that I had to check to make sure the windows were closed. when one of the bandits kicks the player’s turret only to get sent flying himself from another dose of buckshot.

    I only hope I’ll be done Rage before Skyrim comes out.

  5. Whats up with the lighting on the car during the driving section? doesn’t appear to be affected by the environment lighting…

    Other than that, looks pretty awesome!

  6. Could you please not be such wimps and please NOT mark your videos as “adult” or whatever? I do not have a Youtube account and I do not want one.

  7. wow, this is just looking more and more impressive. it’s also funny how each video simultaneously makes it look more like Borderlands as well as better than Borderlands.

    the textures and environments are beautiful in all the vids, but this one gives more of a taste of internal environments, including some sweet volumetric lighting. as the other posters said, the AI stuff is looking pretty good – though i don’t know why that bad guy limped past the player without shooting, lol.

    just two things: the opening NPC lip sync was underwhelming. i hope that’s going to be improved.

    and… really, what is it about FPS demo videos where they choose the most boring, uninventive, tactically inept player to record?

  8. @gstaff: Two months ago I didn’t care about this game. Today I decided to pre-order it. I can’t wait to play this. Any upgrades for the spider? That’s the coolest.

  9. Agreed, Animations are way ahead of what’s out there now. I love how after the NPC kicks the Spiderbot up in the air that he also is then tilting his head up looking at how far he punted it…That’s pretty awesome. All these little subtle things are what makes a game immersive. Great Job id…hope you don’t show too much!

  10. Pre-Ordered 3 weeks ago. Now I’m in utter anticipation. During the Gameplay Trailers I literally said Wow twice!
    I like the comment below.
    A little Fallout 3 and a little Borderlands and looks like the most unique game I have ever seen. I just hope the single-player campaign is long enough.

    I knew it would be great, when I first laid my eyes upon it. :O)