Get SMART Series: The Battlefield

Today we conclude our Get SMART Series with a video providing strategies to survive Brink’s battlefield. Learn more about effectively using command posts, turrets, mines and more.

Whether you’re siding with Security or Resistance, the six Get SMART videos will better prepare you for Brink’s release next week. In case you need a recap, here’s the previous five videos.

Reader Comments

  1. So awesome.

    Can anyone tell me when the game will be released if you pre-order it from steam ?

    I know it is may 13 for UK and may 10 for US, but this doesn’t make any sense if you have a digital copy.

    Please some one answer me.

  2. I love the fact that you have indestructible turrets guarding the re-spawn points, as it eliminates the chance for re-spawn campers.

  3. When I heard about the indestructable spawn point turrets, I gained A LOT of hope in the overall gameplay value of Brink, great choice!

  4. anyone see the guy disarming the mine around the 3:00 mark? the spray was not even close to the mine and the guys arms looked as if he was holding a rifle…..

  5. In addition to turrets that defend the spawn, I think there should be multiple exits to the spawn a la Day of Defeat et al.