Brink Community Q&A, Part 1: Stats Site and more!

Today we’ve got the first round of answers to your questions for Brink’s game director, Paul Wedgwood. Learn more about our upcoming stats site, gameplay specifics, Linux support, and more.

Without further ado, here’s Paul…

Will you show people their rank and status online like Bungie has done with  – Vapor Chaos

We’re currently working on a stats website for Brink where you’ll be able to see your progress through the game along with a whole bunch of statistics, including abilities, weapons, and even SMART moves. It’ll also display summaries of your most recent matches and even show the overall status the on-going civil war raging on the Ark. We’re very much looking forward to launching the site and think you’ll really enjoy exploring it.

More on that soon!

How well is BRINK prepared for the competitive eSport scene? — Trivve

Splash Damage has a long history of supporting competitive players, starting all the way back with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – that game is still being played competitively to this day, eight years after its release. We’ve also got a fair few guys here at Splash Damage hailing from the clan scene, including myself!

As with our previous games, Brink features the competition-friendly Stopwatch game mode. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s pretty straightforward. Both teams take it in turns to play on the attack and the one that manages to set the faster time wins. If neither team manages to play through the whole map within the timelimit, Brink will first check which team managed to make more progress, and if that’s tied too, the team with the most XP wins.

We’ve also made sure that our maps scale down to 5 on 5, since we know that smaller team sizes are very important for clan matches. We even have a special matchmaking playlist right in the console versions of game that’s set up for these smaller team sizes. This playlist also turns on friendly fire and voice chat, while switching off things like Command Post buffs, bots, and overtime for the rawest competitive experience possible. On the PC, you’ve got dedicated servers of course, so all of these settings are at your disposal as well.

Of course, all of that doesn’t even take into account Brink’s unique, objective-driven gameplay that’s all about working together as a coordinated team. We just had a big community tournament here at the Splash Damage offices, and the variety of tactics being used there was a huge amount of fun to watch. We can’t wait to see all the crazy things people come up with once the game is released and people are really diving into it!

Do you have any DLC planned (maps, weapons, etc)? – Carter

We like the idea of downloadable content, but it would have to offer good value for players. Right now we are fully focused on Brink’s release and haven’t got anything to announce there.

Will there be any support for Linux? – Igor

We are working on dedicated server files for Linux, since we know how important that is to the community at large. There are no plans for a Linux client at the moment.

Will the PC version ever get mod tools at some point? – Tyler

Releasing an SDK is something that’s still being discussed. Our highest priority is getting Brink released for all of you to enjoy.

I saw a medium body type wielding a minigun. Can they do that? – Partykdk

Miniguns are part of the heavy weapons in Brink, so you need to be the heavy body type to use them.

Can you change body-types in game or between matches? – Matt

Once you unlock the heavy body type at level 5 and the light body type at level 7, you can switch body types at any time in the appearance customization menu in between matches. It’s an important decision with fairly wide-ranging consequences, so choose wisely!

From the gameplay vids it looks like most of the weapons are automatic machine guns. Are there any rifles or semi-automatic weapons? – Andy013

Sure! We’ve got several bolt action rifles in the game, along with different flavors of pistols, shotguns, and even grenade launchers. There’s something for everyone.

Will knives be included or strictly firearms and grenades ? – Chris

You get to wield a knife in your other hand if you choose a one-handed weapon like a pistol or a revolver. While melee attacks with the knife don’t knock people down as a melee attack with a two-handed weapon would, they inflict significantly more damage. This works really well in combination with the movement speed and agility of the light body type!

Will there be any demo prior to release? – cyberbemon

We don’t have a demo planned. There’s a huge amount of effort required to put together a demo and making that happen would have meant pushing Brink back. With so much excitement for the game all over the world, we chose to focus on all of our efforts on making the game as fun as possible and getting it wrapped up for release. Brink is nearly out now and we couldn’t be more excited.

Reader Comments

  1. So a big question for me is i know there is a ton of objective based game play wich beleive me i love and im looking forward too ! But do you guys at the same time offer a FFA or TDM type play for those needing a break from the constant objective and jus wana get some kills ?

  2. Switch to the PC if your upset over Dedi Servers, nothings gonna change drastically until the next gen consoles. You are crying over dedis but the vast majority of casual console players like myself could care less.

  3. One of the biggest draws of this game, for me, was seeing a character in the first trailer using two swords to back stab another character. If this will not be implemented I will have immediate second thoughts to buying this game.

  4. How many guns are there going to be for each class? How many will there be for each weight class? Are there going to be unlockable/hidden guns you can get later in the game?

  5. Will Brink for the console ever have dedicated servers? I know Battlefield Bad Company 2, Bad Company, 1943 all have dedicated servers. Why couldn’t you guys share some servers? It would really make the game 100 times better and help almost eliminate cheaters.

    When you cannot host, then you can’t really cheat. I have a bad feeling that game will be abused. I just wish and pray you guys will keep up with the patches.

  6. in the customization trailer, on the menu it said something about a voice pack; i was just wondering, what kind of accents can you unlock for your character?

  7. I haven’t heard that much about the Ranking system in Brink other then it is a lot like cods. However when you Rank up with Exp and play with people near the same level you’re at it isn’t the same as actually pairing you with people of the same skill. Halo 3 had True Skill incorporated into the matchmaking where it teamed you up with or close to people of the Same K/D ratio, W/L ratio assists and stuff like that. Will Brink incorporate some type of skill into the multiplayer or will it just be based around your level.

  8. Another question:
    Is it possible to buy the (preoder) DLC’s seperatly ‘after’ the release?
    Or is the preorder the only one chance, to get the preorder-DLC’s?

  9. I`m from germany and I`m interested in buying the english version of Brink, because I`ve been disappointed by german synchronisation in other games.
    Ive seen some online shops selling german versions of the game and on Steam it says that the language is english. Is that correct or will it download the version for my country at release?

  10. I haven’t seen any female avatars in any of the videos, will there be any female characters Brink?

  11. Is it just co-op for campaign or is their multi player like a 12 v 12. If so, what types of multiplayer will there be.

  12. Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. I’d like to add my request for a Linux client, but I am thankful a server is planned. While I would love to see a Linux client at launch, would it be possible to have someone check the compatibility with WINE and/or CrossOver, which contributes to the WINE codebase? and

    Regarding DLC, I’d love to see that Splash Damage remembers their roots, and provides new free content via patches and that any paid content is substantial. Brink has so much more potential than just another Call of Gears of Duty Filled Gears of Black Ops Honor etc…

    Finally, are there any plans for post-release addition of female characters? Though I’ve read the rationale for omitting them, given the setting and difference from another “generic shooter”, I’ve seen more than a few reviewers questioning this decision. Take it s a good thing – if they just thought it was another normal soldier-focused shooter, it wouldn’t matter if everyone was basically playing the same generic bald space marine


  13. 8v8 Big team on halo can be a horribly laggy experience especially if the host quits. Will there be a decent host migration system? Or maybe a quit penalty for the rage addicts?

  14. will the pre-order clothes be a purchasable item in XBLM or PSS just want to know i pre-ordered it at game stop but i wanted them all mostly spec ops?

  15. I plan to get Brink for a consol (xbox360) and i’m always miffed at the fact that PC’s tend to get more updates/new features, is there any plans to balance this out so one isn’t “better” than the other

  16. A while back i saw a video of a map in the dark… will they’re still be different times of day (and bigger maps) you can play in the full game?

  17. Will we be able to host and manage our on room publicly like Resistance/Rainbow six series or Wolfenstein?
    because most of us are sick and tired racial/religion/gender discrimination. As Host, I and other people like my self like who hosting and entertaining people by mixing and matching and restricting use or access of contents in the game ( in our room(s) during a restriction applied match ) and create positive atmosphere by rejecting/kicking/keeping out any negative “atmosphere” of any shape and form.

    Online gaming isn’t just about the game or how less latency the server has but also the community so online servers like Battlefield 2/Killzone 3 with squad communication instead of global or Call of Duty M.W.2/Black ops with program/application such as host migration that does not work so well gonna keep all the fans sticking around for long let alone until the sequel or next installment comes out when a lot the players get harassed based on their gender, race, or religion.

    I have been every game retail store and talk to a lot of people from the age of 17-50 and most of them complain about how the server is set up when it comes to online.

  18. will there be any purposly placed cheats like lower weapoen or even get rid of it like in halo an many other games just to make it more intresting or are u going to try to make as little cheats an glitches as posable

  19. @M.K. Louie – Gears 1 and 2 weren’t a problem with not having dedicated servers, the problem was shoddy netcode. They played as if they had dedicated servers in mind then decided not to actually recode for P2P when they switched to it. Same thing has happened with

    If they program the game well, it should run fine on consoles without the need for dedicated servers. Transformers: War for Cybertron ran perfectly about 80 – 90% of the time for me (until they failed to implement a decent system for their map packs), and it didn’t have host migration (which is a HUGE failing, unless the host migration is badly implemented). And up until the pre-DLC patch (for the first paid DLC), the lag-control was really good on Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood as well. That’s two examples where the game’s netcode was actually done well, then later updates caused other things to go wrong. here’s hoping SD don’t walk into THAT mistake…

    I’m looking forward to Brink, and will be quite happy to be playing on console.

  20. I got the game, but how do I tell if it is the pre-order version BEFORE I open it?
    I got it 7am on the day btw.

  21. The game all and all is pretty good. But the multiplayer is the real killer right now because of its hardcore lag. And since this is a predominately multiplayer game, will this be fixed soon? I heard there was supposed to be a patch that was out to fix that. but the multiplayer still lags worse than any game ive played online. Also, im not sure if this can be fixed with a patch also, but i noticed a huge number of render bugs, will those be fixed as well? Thanks, and awesome game

  22. I’m not sure how to say this in a nice way….but thanks Splash and Bethesda for WASTING my $64.01. Could you mess up Multi-player anymore? Everything about Multi-player needs to be changed. 0/10 for online play. 2/10 for solo/offline gameplay. Tried to bring it to gamestop until they told me I was only going to get $23 for it. Will never buy another game from these companies. Thanks for listening!

    Also if you would like to contact me about further detailed questions i would love to explain.

  23. I have played BRINK and you guys definitely know what your doing. When i played it, i was very pleased because all the videos I’ve watched about the S.M.A.R.T. system and the objectives just blew me away. the game is like battlefield, Call of Duty, and Mirror’s Edge put together (in my opinion). But overall the game turned out a lot better than i predicted. Very good job. <(^_^<)

  24. When is there going to be Downloadable Content? I want Maps, Classes, Guns, Different Ammo types, and More custom clothing! What are you guys waiting for it only takes a few days to beat this game and max out your character. I want a higher Level Cap pushed up to 30, or 40 even. PLEASE RELEASE NEW CONTENT WITHIN 2 weeks if possible!