Brink Community Q&A, Part 1: Stats Site and more!

Today we’ve got the first round of answers to your questions for Brink’s game director, Paul Wedgwood. Learn more about our upcoming stats site, gameplay specifics, Linux support, and more.

Without further ado, here’s Paul…

Will you show people their rank and status online like Bungie has done with  – Vapor Chaos

We’re currently working on a stats website for Brink where you’ll be able to see your progress through the game along with a whole bunch of statistics, including abilities, weapons, and even SMART moves. It’ll also display summaries of your most recent matches and even show the overall status the on-going civil war raging on the Ark. We’re very much looking forward to launching the site and think you’ll really enjoy exploring it.

More on that soon!

How well is BRINK prepared for the competitive eSport scene? — Trivve

Splash Damage has a long history of supporting competitive players, starting all the way back with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – that game is still being played competitively to this day, eight years after its release. We’ve also got a fair few guys here at Splash Damage hailing from the clan scene, including myself!

As with our previous games, Brink features the competition-friendly Stopwatch game mode. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s pretty straightforward. Both teams take it in turns to play on the attack and the one that manages to set the faster time wins. If neither team manages to play through the whole map within the timelimit, Brink will first check which team managed to make more progress, and if that’s tied too, the team with the most XP wins.

We’ve also made sure that our maps scale down to 5 on 5, since we know that smaller team sizes are very important for clan matches. We even have a special matchmaking playlist right in the console versions of game that’s set up for these smaller team sizes. This playlist also turns on friendly fire and voice chat, while switching off things like Command Post buffs, bots, and overtime for the rawest competitive experience possible. On the PC, you’ve got dedicated servers of course, so all of these settings are at your disposal as well.

Of course, all of that doesn’t even take into account Brink’s unique, objective-driven gameplay that’s all about working together as a coordinated team. We just had a big community tournament here at the Splash Damage offices, and the variety of tactics being used there was a huge amount of fun to watch. We can’t wait to see all the crazy things people come up with once the game is released and people are really diving into it!

Do you have any DLC planned (maps, weapons, etc)? – Carter

We like the idea of downloadable content, but it would have to offer good value for players. Right now we are fully focused on Brink’s release and haven’t got anything to announce there.

Will there be any support for Linux? – Igor

We are working on dedicated server files for Linux, since we know how important that is to the community at large. There are no plans for a Linux client at the moment.

Will the PC version ever get mod tools at some point? – Tyler

Releasing an SDK is something that’s still being discussed. Our highest priority is getting Brink released for all of you to enjoy.

I saw a medium body type wielding a minigun. Can they do that? – Partykdk

Miniguns are part of the heavy weapons in Brink, so you need to be the heavy body type to use them.

Can you change body-types in game or between matches? – Matt

Once you unlock the heavy body type at level 5 and the light body type at level 7, you can switch body types at any time in the appearance customization menu in between matches. It’s an important decision with fairly wide-ranging consequences, so choose wisely!

From the gameplay vids it looks like most of the weapons are automatic machine guns. Are there any rifles or semi-automatic weapons? – Andy013

Sure! We’ve got several bolt action rifles in the game, along with different flavors of pistols, shotguns, and even grenade launchers. There’s something for everyone.

Will knives be included or strictly firearms and grenades ? – Chris

You get to wield a knife in your other hand if you choose a one-handed weapon like a pistol or a revolver. While melee attacks with the knife don’t knock people down as a melee attack with a two-handed weapon would, they inflict significantly more damage. This works really well in combination with the movement speed and agility of the light body type!

Will there be any demo prior to release? – cyberbemon

We don’t have a demo planned. There’s a huge amount of effort required to put together a demo and making that happen would have meant pushing Brink back. With so much excitement for the game all over the world, we chose to focus on all of our efforts on making the game as fun as possible and getting it wrapped up for release. Brink is nearly out now and we couldn’t be more excited.

Reader Comments

  1. Ok, to the linux client thing:
    Im pretty sure, its very important for the community – because the most provided root servers working on/with linux – and very less (or just the expensive one) are running on Windows OS.

    I (and im sure many other too) would be really happy, to get a linux ded-server client @ the release.

  2. I’m discouraged knowing that the consoles won’t have dedicated servers. Gears of War 1 and 2 clearly showed how agonizing it is to see host advantage. I applaud Epic for launching Gears 3 with dedicated servers.

    Hate to be a downer (b/c I love Bethesda) but i canceled my pre-order and will wait for the reviews.

  3. @qliqQLAQ “linux client” is a version of the game that you can play on Linux. this is not the same as a game server, which is a completely different application.

    lots of interesting news, here! hooray for a stats site! a stats API would be neat, too, since 3rd party stats sites can offset the bandwidth needs.

    probably the most interesting thing that i didn’t know: you must unlock heavy and light body types! that’s a nice way to force players to try everything instead of immediately gravitating towards the classes they play in other games.

  4. Does this mean you’ve gone back on your stats site stance? Last I heard was:

    “For instance, global leaderboards for stuff like k/d ratios and what not: bad idea, since they disccourage players from taking chances and actually doing what’s necessary to help. So bam! Not having them. I know other games do, and they’re kind of standard, but screw it, not the right thing for Brink.”

    Shame if it is a full-blown stats site, as many people credited it with (one of) the reasons for the early demise of ET:QW compared to the longevity of W:ET. That is, people playing for stats rather than the sake of the game. Doesn’t make for an interesting game – sniper whores, vehicle whores, people dropping out of difficult games, switching to the winning team, ignoring objectives, and so on. It IS popular in the short term, but doesn’t make for a good game that people will return to…

    I think (hope) everyone here recognises the importance of linux server files. A linux client not so much, but I for one would buy another copy of the game if it was released for linux. I only use windows because games are made for it.

  5. Will you choose your weapon before entering the battle (online or offline) or will you be assigned with randoms until you can change at a command post. plz help 🙂

  6. I would like to know if you can create two different characters for both campaigns, one for the security and one for the resistance campaign, or do you have to you one character and you can just change your clothes?

  7. The stats site doesn’t focus on lobal leaderboards and kill/death ratios, and this is reflected in the design of the site. We’ll have more to share soon.

  8. Please pick better questions. Esports and Linux probably affects about 1% of the people buying the game. Not having dedicated servers on consoles probably affect 80% or more.

  9. We console players would really like to see dedicatd servers for Brink. Would you be able to change this at any point?

  10. will there be team deathmatch! because i love it and i think i would soon get bored with if it dosent have it???

  11. Will there be swords like in the game, I think I would use them no matter if it would be hard from the start, I just want them.

  12. While I understand your reasons for not releasing a demo prior to release (I’m glad you are focussing on getting the main game out as soon as possible), do you have any intention of releasing a demo after the game is out worldwide?
    I find that I am much more likely to buy a game if I have been able to give it a go myself first and although I have already pre-ordered Brink, I am much more likely to be able to convince friends to pick it up if they can try it first.

  13. What I want to know is if they are going to add DLC of split screen. Or at least thats what I would like to see in the game, especially when they talk about offline play a lot. When ever they say offline I immediately think of split screen. And it just seems like it would be a great feature for this game. I would definitely buy it in DLC.

  14. By DLC do you mean expansion packs? Or a 10 dollar map pack that should be free. And really the question on the SDK should be a yes or no. If its a maybe then its a no to lure people into a false sense of security thinking it will have one. Looks like this is on my not to buy list now.

  15. willl brink be LAN I have Online capabilities but with Brink getting closer and the PSN STILL down I thought it would be something I would like to know

  16. My biggest wish for this game is actually, that Brink is going to be well balanced. Im afraid that 70 or even 80% of all Brink gamers are going to the Resistance, this would be pretty bad. ( And unbalanced)

    I also hope that the Gameplay is very well balanced, this is truly my biggest wish for Brink..
    I really cant wait for this game,

    Best Greetings from Austria :]

  17. Imo, a very important question for PC-users would be:
    When I buy the game in a store/not on steam, can I register it on Steam or will it use another platform for multiplayer? (e.g. Windows LIVE)
    What online platform (for PC) does the game use anyway?

    Thx 🙂

  18. I would strongly advise against creating downloadable content that requires the player to spend extra money. Although it is a popular move for money’s sake, most players will be disappointed if a game like Brink, which clearly aims to please the player, starts demanding money in order to have a fair or fun gaming experience. And as I am quite sure about everyone will agree with me here, please. Don’t be another company that spoils the fun for its own audience.

  19. will there be like challenges for your weapons, abillities, etc? like “get 25 kills with the Galactic SMG” or “Plant 10 HE Charges”

  20. YES 3 more day till brink n ty for the offline n online gaming because ps3 is down i will still be able to play as my character n yes i pre ordered it woooo

  21. I’m wondering if the game play will be balanced enough to encourage 2 separate teams or if because you keep your xp and stats, people will jump ship to the winning team whenever theres space…. that could be frustrating

  22. I like the site stats idea and to be able to see the SMART data sounds cool, hopefully this game can get added to virgingaming

  23. “We are working on dedicated server files for Linux, since we know how important that is to the community at large.”

    That’s good. Now the question is “Will the linux server files be available at the same time as the windows server files?”