Around the web: The Final Countdown to Brink

Counting down the minutes until Brink’s launch, I thought I’d share some of the latest news for Brink and our other titles.

Get news on RAGE, Prey 2, and Skyrim after the break.

Last week we announced new DLC content for Fallout: New Vegas, and now you can get a first chance to see the content the latest episode of PlayStation Qore. While you wait for it to go online, get a glimpse of the action in this Qore promo spot.

In other news, check these sites:

  • CVG looks at how Prey 2 could change the way you look at shooters
  • New Zealand gaming site Game Planet has interviews for RAGE (Tim Willits) and Prey 2 (Matt Bisenius)
  • IGN primes you on “the basics” for RAGE and Skyrim and RAGE
  • Crush!Frag!Destroy! shares PAX East impressions of RAGE
  • Last but not least, Skyrim fans can enjoy a 15-minute interview with Todd Howard from German site Watch it below…

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